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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jewel Candle

Looking for something a little different to give this year?  Something that not only smells gorgeous but has a hidden surprise?  Then look no further.  The lovely people of Jewel Candle, very kindly sent me one of their candles to try out.  I was completely intrigued when they approached me, I had never heard of such a thing. 

They sent me their large Passionfruit scented candle. All of their wax is handmade and beautifully fragranced.  They have a stunning range in their online shop, different candles for all occasions.  

Nestled within the wax of each candle, wrapped in flame resistant foil you will find a gorgeous piece of genuine sterling silver jewellery worth up to £250 - ring, pendant or earrings.  Once the candle has burned for around 10 hours your little surprise will float to the top. 

Once carefully removed and left cool, unwrap the foil to find retrieve your treat.  I received a sterling silver dress ring which can only be describe as a miniature duped version of Princess Diana's engagement ring, I love it. 

My candle itself is still going strong, I have been burning it for well over a fortnight, every evening when I come in from work, they last a long time.  I light mine just long enough to enjoy the fragrance of the passionfruit - one of my favourite scents.  I have never been so excited to burn a candle.  The smell is very delicate and not overpowering.  Some candles can become sickly after a while but this one is just perfect.  

This is truly a delightful gift and for the price of it worth every penny.  I know that the ladies in my family will be smiling this Christmas.  Have your tried Jewel Candle yet?  


  1. I've been stumbling over these since almost two years. But I can't get myself to purchase one of my own. I assume it would be really exciting to burn it down and receive a gift while doing so... I just don't want to spend that much money on a candle. :/
    x Sonja

    Shiny Glitter Things

  2. Nice candle. Passion fruits looks like a great one.


  3. I absolutely love the concept of these you know, I'd love to give one a try and see what surprise was inside. What you got was lovely :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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