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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Weekend Favourites + Lisa Eldridge Inspired Smokey Eye.

I have been in bed most of the weekend with flu however, I decided to venture out for some lunch with a friend earlier.  It took all of my energy to get ready so decided to keep the makeup simple.  I am showcasing the main items of my look.  I do have a bb cream, blusher and mascara on too, but nothing heavy. 
Makeup revolution; Mac; Victor Rolph; benefit

Makeup revolution; Mac; Victor Rolph; benefit
I have been adoring the 'Romantic Smoked' Palette by Makeup Revolution* -   I decided to go for a soft smokey purple eye today I was inspired by the recent smokey lavender eyes Lisa Eldridge did for Sophie Dahl - it was stunning.   

Starting with a pretty lavender (4th in from the right hand side), applying this all over the eyelid. Taking a dusky bronze (2nd from the left) shade and applying on the outer corners of the eye lid and blending into the crease.  Finally, for a touch of shimmer, I applied a pinky shimmer (3rd from the left) to the inner corners of the eyelid blending across the lid. 

 It is really hard to describe the shades because they aren't specifically named, they are only numbered.  I hate trying to describe shades because I'm totally rubbish at it.  I took the eyeshadow brush and lightly swept the first colour - lavender along the lower lash line.  Finishing with the tiniest amount of Benefit's 'they're real' Push up Liner along the outer parts of the top eyelid.  I found this eyeliner quite difficult to get the hang of when I first got it but I utterly love it now.   The great thing about the Push up Liner is that it's so versatile, you can use as much or as little as you desire for so many different looks. 

Some people may think it is too much but I finished the look with 'Flat out Fabulous' by MAC, this lipstick is from their Retro Matte range of lipsticks and I personally think it is beautiful.  I really love a bright standout lip colour.  

The fragrance I have been wearing lots lately is 'Flowerbomb' by Victor & Rolf, I won't waste your time trying to describe the scent to you, just know it is gorgeous and I recommend you go and buy it right now

Hope you have had a great weekend. Speak soon.  

ps the images were taken this evening.  The makeup lasted all day.  



  1. Oh I watched this video earlier on today, how amazing did it look! I think you did a great job Laura.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. It was brilliant. Aw thanks, I just wish i had a decent camera to reflect the beauty of the colours. xx

  2. Oh that perfume smells so amazing! Might get myself some in duty free tomorrow! And who doesn't love a barbie pink mac lipstick :)?!


  3. Such a beautiful lipstick color!


  4. Such a pretty look for your pretty face Laura :) xxx

  5. That palette looks lovely! I haven't tried of their products before, but I'm tempted now...

  6. Stopped by to see that palette .. such pretty colors :-)


  7. Oh no the flu is the worst, hope you're feeling better. Cute colours and choices :)

    Sophie x

  8. That lipstick looks lovely on you x


  9. Love that lip colour, so stunning! <3 xx


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