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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Birchbox - August 2014 - 'Away We Go' Review

Away We Go; Birchbox; Beauty Box; Review; Subscription box
What's the time - Beauty Box time, which means my monthly review of my Birchbox
Birchbox August 2014 is named 'Away we Go'.   

I think the English holidays etc start a lot later than the Scottish Holidays (at the start of July) so to me this feels a little late but, not Birchboxe's fault!

This month, the products came packaged in a see through plastic toilet bag.  Ideal for taking on a  flight with you, saves any faffing about with sandwiches bags or paying for the ones provided at the airport. Win.  

Away We Go; Birchbox; Beauty Box; Review; Subscription box

The contents however, a little disappointing.  I sometimes find that we are receiving the same or similar samples over and over.  For instance this box includes again, The Dead Sea Spa Magik - refreshing bath and shower gel.  I have heaps of these upstairs.  Though, admittedly they do come in handy for weekends away.  

I do like receiving perfume samples I must say. I like to carry a couple in my handbag.  The second product received is Liaison De Parfum by Nana De Bary.  I received the scent 'Resist Me' and I was instantly drawn to this by the very appealing packaging.  These luxe fragrances are to be used on the pulse points.  'Resist me' is quite nice, It smells like an aromatherapy oil.  

For hair this month we haver received a sample of Number 4 - super comp prep & protect.  I enjoy trying different hair products, though my hair often doesn't like them.. Nothing to do with the actual product, just the fact that I just need to touch my hair and it looks greasy.  Too much moisture. 

Sarah McNamara's Miracle Skin Transformer/Hyrdroacive Microderm, looks interesting.  'Micronised magnesium-oxide crystals smooth, refine and polish for gorgeous summer skin.'  

The nicest thing in the box this month is the Wild About Beauty powder eyeshadow.  'A long lasting, satin textured shadow from Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob's paraben free range'  I didn't realise that this brand existed until today.  One of the reasons I do keep up with a beauty box subscription, you do get introduced to a wide range of brands.  I received No 05 'Fern', which is a rich bronze shade.  I particularly like the little mirror and the bee motif (well i think it is a bee, it could be a wasp)

Life Style Extra
The lifestyle extra this month is a chapter from the book 'The Proposal' by Tasmina Perry.  



  1. How nice!


  2. That's a nice package.


  3. If you've received the same sample twice, and you let them know, they replace it for you as that is not meant to happen! I liked the eyeshadow this month too, though I got the cream. I love the shade and formula, though kind of wish I got a powder one, if only for the cute bee! It reminds me of the Chantecaille Save the Bees palette! x


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