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Sunday, 17 August 2014

An Old Wives Tail? Luxury, Handmade & Organic

'If I can rescue just one persons’ hair with this recipe I will be happy (this doesn't include my friends or family because their locks have already been saved!). My grandmother finally told me the greatest blends that work well together and I spent months researching different products. It was here that my idea of Old Wives Tail (OWT) was born (my grandmother being the ‘old wife’ and my long, luscious hair being the ‘tail’)…
Old Wives Tail; Hair Treatment

Here are OWT we aim to provide our customers with high quality, natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly hair care. We are 100% against animal testing - none of our products are tested on animals and we do not buy from suppliers that test on animals. We donate 10% of our profits to charities that help protect animals from being tested upon. 
You’re hair isn't everything in life, but everything in life affects your hair so why not start the road to recovery the Portuguese way?'

I was sent Jojoba and Clove Organic Oil Treatment from the lovely people over at
Old Wives Tail; Hair Treatment
History of my hair
I have a fair bit of hair, but it is very fine.  It loses the 'salon feeling' fast and begins to get limp and a bit lifeless.  It is also very broken due to years of styling with heated appliances.  I am always on the look out for rescue remedies so when I was offered this product to try I was pleased.  
The Treatment & Result
This oil treatment is designed to hydrate and balance dull, thinning, brittle or broken hair.  The Jojoba oil penetrates the hair follicles to help add strength, volume and texture to 'weak, lifeless hair'.  The treatment has antibacterial and stimulating properties that when massaged onto the scalp will naturally stimulate your roots to encourage healthy hair growth. 
This is definitely a 'friday night in friend' as it takes an hour.  I won't lie to you on first sniff I was like  yikes!  It smells strongly of cloves, however, look past this and apply to damp hair, massaging into your scalp.  After an hour, rinse your hair thoroughly and shampoo as normal.  When applying conditioner, only apply to the ends.    If you have very dry hair you can actually leave this on over night wrapping your hair in a warm towel.  
I have been using this treatment once a week for a month now and my hair feels stronger and shinier definitely.  I would recommend this to all my readers with problematic, naughty hair.  
Made with only organic ingredients and completely paraben and sulfate free.  This oil is also suitable for vegan & vegetarians and is completely gluten free too.  


  1. My hair is in terrible condition since my holiday. I might give this a try.


  2. This looks like a really lovely product! Great post!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  3. organic products are the best!


  4. I support organic products 100 %!

  5. This looks exciting, looks like it's really good for your hair too with all the natural ingredients and such! x

  6. Love your blog! Great post:)
    -Lauren xoxo

  7. Drat! I would like something like that but I'm allergic to jojoba. New to your blog but glad I found it. I'm a granny in Houston Texas with Scottish roots and a dear friend from Aberdeen.

  8. This sounds great. I really want to try their products! xxx


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