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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Guest Post -Top 5 Favourite Products

Hi to everyone! I'm Clare from sparkleblossombeauty and I'm delighted to be writing a guest post for a Scottish lass Its an amazing blog and a privilege to be featured.
I have decided for this post to do something fun and to bring you my top 5  all time favourite cant live without make-up products!

These products are my staples that even if i stray away for a little while will always come back to in the end.
Its a big decision trying to narrow down the entire contents of a make up bag to the 5 best products and during the writing of this post there was a few moments of indecision over which ones were going to make the cut. I went with my gut and have chosen these products as my top 5 of all time make-up products!

First up is everyone's favourite pallet the original NAKED by URBAN DECAY. In this case it is hard to beat the original, its my go to eye shadow for day and night. The pigment, staying power and ease of use in terms of how wearable it is are amazing, I am no make up artist but i find this easy to work with and you can create something really special with it as there is so many easy tutorials everywhere on the web . These reasons earn it a place in my top 5.

Next up keeping with the eyes for the moment is Benefit They're real mascara. I would gladly give up every other item of make-up that I own as long as I could keep this one!
I was cursed with short, straight, blonde eyelashes and for many many years I had to undergo a routine that looked like I was torturing my own eyes in order to make it look to the general public that i did indeed own eyelashes. that has all changed since I discovered this little baby. it glides on like a dream and through some type of hocus pocus gives me eyelashes, real live eyelashes. I wouldn't describe my look after use as falsie type lashes but considering what I'm working with, this is the best mascara  Ive ever used.

Next up is foundation, my pick is Estee Lauder Double Wear. its one of the ones you either love or hate I don't think there is an in between with it. I love it, I don't have terrible skin so had always gone for a light coverage foundation that was until I hit my late twenties and felt I needed a little extra. from the day I went to get colour matched I fell for it. This foundation is like a blanket for your face it covers everything but still looks beautiful and natural. I cant ever see myself straying from this Its in my top 5 for the long haul.

Next up is blush, my pick is NARS blush in ORGASM I have a bit of an obsession with blush so this was a hard one to narrow down but in the end there was no other choice. this blush has amazing staying power even with very little base and pigment is great. It has the  most perfect gold sparkle going through it which makes the skin just glow. I also love the packaging its so simple and sleek with a lovely little mirror.

Last up is nail polish, this is a relatively new addition to my top 5 but I used this nail polish on my toes as my something blue for my wedding and for that reason I'm in love and it gets my final spot.
I'm talking about Essie Bikini so Teeny (isn't that the best name ever!) Its a great consistency, very easy to apply. It looks great with only one coat although most of the time I give it two. Its a beautiful shade of blue really unoffensive sort of like a cornflower blue. This is in my top 5 for the romantic in me but hey its as good a reason as any its nice when make-up inspires emotions :)

I hope you all enjoyed my top 5, Whats in yours?



  1. So exciting to see my post up thanks to Laura for the opportunity, you can find me at and on twitter @clareken86

  2. I love this mascara and this nail polish color is so gorgeous! Great post!

    1. Thanks so much glad you enjoyed it! It's really fun to do a post on products you use regularly , daily in the case of this mascara 😊

  3. Great products. I really want to try the nars blush!


  4. Thank you! Go for it the blush is amazing and lasts for ages! Great for a little treat x


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