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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Galaxy Nails - Guest Post by Sparklecrack Central

A few days ago I tried “galaxy nails” for the first time ever. I didn’t do too badly, but it didn’t turn out the way that I would have preferred.

What you’ll need

Lip balm (goes around your cuticles – makes manicure cleanups much easier)
Matte or crème black nail polish
Turquoise polish
Magenta polish

Clear with multicolor glitter “holographic” top coat
Optional: white crème polish and a fine dotting tool
1 or 2 makeup sponges (I used a double-sided eyeshadow applicator)
You can use any black, turquoise, and magenta polish you wish, from any brand. I used China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (black crème), Sexy in the City (turquoise pearl), Reggae (magenta pearl), and Fairy Dust (clear multicolor glitter). (Why, yes, I did purchase the It’s In The Stars quad-set from Head2Toe Beauty, why do you ask? Shush, I really wanted Fairy Dust.) For the white polish, I used Sally Hansen’s Let’s Snow. And for the glitter top coat, I used (of course) China Glaze’s Fairy Dust.


Apply the balm around your cuticles. This will make post-manicure cleanup a WHOLE lot easier. (And why didn’t I learn this trick before!!!)

Paint your nails black, and wait for that coat to dry
Paint some of the magenta polish on the tip or along one of the edges of a makeup sponge
Randomly put magenta spots of different sizes on your nails, and wait for those to dry. (Hint, the polish will appear very faint. This is intentional and desired.) The color will appear almost reddish.
Paint the turquoise polish on the tip or along one of the edges of a makeup sponge
Randomly put turquoise spots of different shapes and sizes on your nails, and wait for those to dry. 

The polish will appear very faint and will look more green than blue.
Paint your nails with the multicolored-glitter top coat.
If desired, use the white polish and the dotting tool (or a fine-tipped brush) to add some slightly larger white dots, or even (if you wish) spirals.

My take on the results

Like I said, it didn’t turn out quite the way I would have preferred. I put this down to inexperience. Then again, sometimes, doing something a little bit wrong is one of the best ways to learn how to do something right.
My spots of magenta and turquoise were too large. I used the flat of the shadow applicator, when I really should have used the edge or the point. Less is definitely more.
I put too many color-spots on my nails. Instead of a panoramic-view of a galaxy with some wisps of nebula-gas streaming across the viewscape, I was looking out at the galaxy from just inside a nebula. Balance is everything, and I didn’t quite achieve balance this first time around.
My white dots were too big. First time using a dotting tool to try and get a “subtle” effect, and…yep, it showed. The dots were too large, and uneven.

Next time, I’ll…

I remember when I bought Sally Hansen’s Midnight in NY, and was less than thrilled with the very scattered glitter. (In all fairness, when you’re standing in the middle of NYC and looking at the night sky, you’re going to see very few stars because of all the ambient light pollution. Even so…) I bought some holographic glitter last Halloween, and added some of that to my Midnight in NY. I got a scattered-holographic polish that I like quite a bit. It has the holographic effects, but they’re on the subtle side of “scattered holographic” – not quite as sparse as Zoya’s “holographic” polishes, but not as dense as, say, OPI’s My Private Jet. Next time I try this manicure style, I may use “my” Midnight in NY instead of Liquid Leather, so that when I brush on the holographic topcoat I get more illusion of depth in the starfield.
Next time around I may use a fine-point brush, because even the finest-point dotting tool  that I own, was a bit too large. (Plus, using a fine-point brush can let me do some other fainter freehand shapes.
I may try experimenting with different brands’ polishes for the turquoise and magenta, but I probably won’t try different colors, at least not right away. The appearance of those shades when lightly stippled over a black background is excellent. I kind of wonder how China Glaze’s glass fleck polishes would look…? Lighthouse, in particular, may make an interesting addition. In the interests of not overcrowding the canvas, I may use three additional “colors” in the manicure, but will not use all three of those additional colors on any one nail.
I may try to create a “sunset clouds” manicure, by using an ombre gradient background and lighter colors for the “clouds.” I’ll let you folks know how that goes. (Or, if it’s too botched, I may not.)



  1. These look great! I'll definitely be trying this out :)

  2. I've done galaxy nails before, but not in a long time! Yours look gorgeous.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. i have never ever tried this trend! I might give it a go and tag you along ;)
    Thanks for the post!

  4. Looks awesome!


  5. Ooh that looks so pretty! I defs wanna try this in the future, thanks for sharing :)

    Kayla @ Style Vancity


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