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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Benefit Fine One One & Sugar Bomb Review

Benefit, Blusher, Highlighter, Beauty, Makeup, Review

I recently had a little bit of a Benefit haul, I replaced some empties in the form of my high beam and brow zings but I also picked up a couple of products I hadn't tried before.  

Benefit, Highlighter, Blusher, Review, Makeup, Beauty

 I found the Sugarbomb, call Fine One One!

Benefit Fine One One instantly jumped off the counter shelf at me - seducing me with its slick rose gold packaging.  It has a wind up mechanism you can twist and go - no mess, no fuss.   The formula is split between 3 different coloured stripes, Pink Champagne, Sheer Watermelon and Soft Coral to give you a very build-able colour.    

Fine One One, Benefit, Zoeva, Makeup, Sugar Bomb

 It is described as a 'sheer brightening creme for lips and cheeks'.  The colours aren't overly pigmented, I find them to be quite light, the strongest shade being the middle stripe - Sheer Watermelon.  

To use as a blusher, simply swipe Fine One One along your cheek bones and gently blend using either your fingers or with my favourite stippling brush for healthy flush.  I like the fact that you can use the pink champagne highlighter on it's own, by turning Fine One One, onto it's side, you can use it as a highlighter in it's own right.  

I really love this product.   Though it is also for lips - I have never used it in this way.  

Now, although this is really pretty and gives a lovely colour to the cheeks, I feel throughout the day it tends to fade but this is quickly remedied by a quick swipe of Benefit Sugarbomb, which really compliments Fine One One.  

Benefit's Sugarbomb is a sheer powder blush which comes neatly packaged in a cute little cube with a small mirror inside.  The pan is split into 4 segments of gorgeous, lightly shimmered colour.  You have your bronzy colour,   dusky plum, sugary pink and a pale peach.  I don't particularly like the brush that it comes with, I much prefer to use a tool with a longer handle, in particular my Zoeva 127 // Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush (though any standard blusher brush would do).  

I run the brush all round the pan before applying the colour to the cheeks, over the area of Fine One One.  This delicately enhances the original colour giving it the extra longevity to see you through the day.  

The Sugarbomb colours are lovely on their own too.  The bronze and peach shades are lovely when applied to the temples, outer brow bone and outer cheek bones for some light contouring giving that sumptuous sun kissed look.  

These are definitely two of my secret weapons for Summer 2014 - have you tried them?



  1. I really want to try a Benefit blusher, I've heard such good things! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Both of these are stunning! You can't beat Benefit for a good blusher :) xx

  3. Fine one one is quite drying on the lips, so I'd advise a moisturizing lip balm underneath it, but the coral really compliments a tan! Also, if you pop a little sugarbomb dust onto your hand and mix with the lip glossyou get a really creamy shimmery lip colour :) I used to work for benefit so know all the tricks!

    Lauren xx

  4. I really need to try Sugarbomb, it looks lovely! I absolutely love Benefit's boxed powders, the pigmentation is always great. Hope you are well Miss Scottish Ass ;) x

    Lola and Behold

  5. Great products!


  6. They both look really pretty - im glad fine one one isn't overly pigmented as I would 100% look like a clown if it wasn't sheerish :)

  7. Fine One looks really nice, I'm so tempted to invest in that.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. I've always wanted to try Fine One One! I loved the look of it when it first came out, but haven't ever gotten around to trying it! It looks gorgeous :)


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