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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Soft Eyes Makeup Tutorial - with Urban Decay Naked 3.

I'm always scouring Pinterest for natural, pretty eyeshadow looks for during the day.  I am currently in love with my Naked 3 Palette and in particular the colours used for the look below.  This is a very easy, very subtle look that is very soft and can quickly be darkened as time ticks towards the evening.  
Firstly I apologise for the quality of this image, my camera is currently on the blink so I'm afraid I have to rely on my iPhone just now hence the slight pixelation.  

I always split the eyelid into three sections.  

I begin with the lightest shade working from the inner eyelid out, gradually getting darker as I go.  I also highlight the brown bone and usually shade the outer crease only.  Not everyone likes to but I personally like to shade the lower lash line.  My water line is really watery so I find that eyeliner in that particular area never lasts very long so the quick fix is the lower lash.  

The Palette:
Urban Decay Naked 3

Shades used in this particular look:

Strange - inner lid & brow-bone
Limit - middle of the eye lid
Nooner - outer eyelid and along the lower lash line
Factory - applied along the outer crease and ever so slightly along the corner of the upper, outer lash line. 

I then use a fluffy brush to blend and use my favourite mascara to finish.   In this instance - YSL Babydoll



  1. I Really want to have this beauty, because i have Naked 2 already. So you get it right. Do you have Naked 2, you want Naked 3.

    1. I don't have Naked 2 yet. Need to get my hands on it!! xxx

  2. Gorgeous eye look. I've been loving the Naked 3 palette lately x

    1. Me too it's gorgeous. thanks Kirsty xxx

  3. Wow, you look flawless. Lovely. :)

    FashionProject x

  4. Nice colors.


  5. This looks so pretty, such a lovely soft look :) I'm determined to experiment more this week :)


    1. I need to play about more, have loads of palettes hardly touched. xxx <3


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