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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rihanna CFDA Fashion Awards - the dress

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Rihanna picked up the CFDA award for Fashion Icon 2014 but what do you think of the gown she wore, or need I say - didn't wear - to the Ceremony?  

Not a stranger to showing off a bit of flesh, RiRi's gowns are getting a little more daring each time.  

I first caught glimpse of  her wearing this Adam Selman dress, adorned with over 200,000 Svarovski Crystals,  on Perez Hilton Blog.  First thoughts were quite honestly .. what the?  

Researching further, I watched a video of her acceptance speech and actually, it didn't seem to be as bad as some of the pictures portray.  Ok, all she is wearing is a nude thong and pink shrug to hide her lady bits but If I looked like Rihanna, I think I would like to show my figure off too.  Though how much is too much?

For this sort of event, I think something a little classier wouldn't have gone a miss.   I won't hold it against her, she's gorgeous and I do love a bit of RiRi style.  However this was a bit of a fashion faux pa, in my opinion.  What do you think?   


  1. Nice to see you blog again :)

    Personally I think a nude bra wouldn't have gone amiss, I mean, yeah it was a fashion event, but she's hardly walking the catwalk in Galliano couture. But that's just me :)


    1. Thanks lovely, I totally agree, a nude bra or something to cover the nipples would have been nice.

  2. I agree with Georgina .. I nude bra would have have been a nice accessory .. if she was accepting an award for porn .. then sure .. this dress is perfect.


    1. Haha, this made me giggle. I concur. x

  3. I agree with Georgina, a nude bra or even a bodysuit would class it up and I think It would be much nicer. She is Rihanna though and can do what she want! :P


    1. She can totally do what she likes - agreed x

  4. I think she looks amazing! Obviously, it's not something I would wear, but if I had her figure I'd definitely feel confident wearing this. I think camera flashes have made this even more see through, but I love how sparkly and just slinky it is. I don't know if I'd have gone with a nude bra, but maybe some sort of nude really well concealed nipple plasties or something so it's not so out there for a big event like this :)

    And her make up looks stunning!

    1. She does look amazing. Yeah nipple plasties would have made all the difference. I enjoyed her speech though, she was very gracious.

  5. Yeah! She should of wacked on that nude strapless bra!
    Or even nipple patches (pretty design) lol

  6. 200,000 Svarovski Crystals
    Great, amazing, but WEAR A DRESS.
    What she wear now; is for her partner in the bedroom.


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