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Monday, 23 June 2014

Bourjois Paris - Volume 1 Second Waterproof - The Sporty Mascara

Bourjois Paris - Volume 1 Second Waterpoof Mascara
On Twitter last week, I asked for some product recommendations, I was off shopping.  
The lovely Sandra and Georgina both pointed me in the direction of this Bourjois Paris Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, they said that the loved it.   Being intrigued, I couldn't pass up such recommendation.  

Well, I'm so glad that I did. 

The Sporty Mascara

I am one of these girls that doesn't mind going out with no foundation on but I really must have mascara on.  I feel my eyes just don't look right without it.  I've recently become a keen runner and now have a few races under my belt. With the warmer weather coming in, during my training sessions lately, I have been sweating like a *** perspiring more and it seems to be running into my eyes, thus causing major sting-age - whilst using my normal mascara.  I look like a Panda that has escaped from the Zoo by the time the run is over.  No other way to describe it.  

On Saturday I completed my first 10km event and I wore only Bourjois 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara with a little moisturiser.  I perspired but my Mascara stayed put.  Through perspiration and through the rain when it came on it refused to budge.  This is officially part of my running kit now.  I loved it.  

Running aside, this mascara comes elegantly packaged, super value for money at only £9.99 - Boots currently have a 2 for £14 offer on Bourjois Products - a deal I feel is not to be missed. 

 I love the wand, it really does give your lashes an instant boost of volume without becoming clumpy.  

I can't fault this mascara.  I'm really happy, I will definitely be repurchasing in the future.  


  1. I have it in the non-waterproof version and it's not bad at all:) It stayed on me for practically all day:)

    1. I think i'm going to buy it in the non waterproof version too.> Got to love Bourjois <3

  2. Looks like a nice mascara!


    1. It really is, i'm going to buy the non waterproof one as well. Hope you are well. xx

  3. I'm actually desperate to try this - however it's always sold out in my local Boots :( xx

  4. This looks perfect for me! I have blonde eyelashes naturally so I need mascara all day everyday! Even when exercising! How does it remove being a waterproof mascara?

    Brodie|Brodusoup x

  5. Iv got this but in the non-waterproof version and I love it defo in my top 10 mascaras xx


  6. The non waterproof one does smudge a little under one of my eyes, but very faintly. This always seems to happen so wondering if I should move on to waterproof mascaras xx


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