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Monday, 12 May 2014

Soggy and Boggy, but at least it wasn't snowing :)

What a rubbish week.  Between not feeling well and rubbish weather, I have been feeling well and truly bleh.  
Weekend got off to a good start though, had a lovely dinner with friends and our kiddos on Friday night.  Saturday, I spent washing my running kit, tidying the house, nagging my children, all before settling down to a night of Eurovision - didn't the UK do well..(debatable). My actual favourite was the Netherlands, they reminded me of Fleetwood Mac.    
It was an early start today - some girlfriends and I were off to a village called 'Dunecht' - it's in Aberdeenshire  (definition : lovely Country Estate in the middle of blooming nowhere), (you'll start to see a pattern).    

Today marked race No2. of 2014.  Today we ran on behalf of Capability Scotland, a Charity which strives to support children and adults with disabilities, we did this in remembrance of my Brother David who had Cerebral Palsy.  

I have to say the girls did brilliantly, the two on the right of me achieved personal bests.  I however, really struggled this morning.  I literally felt like my legs were filled with lead, had a sore tummy and generally felt terrible.  The lovely lady to my left, said she felt the same and basically stuck with me throughout the time, though, I have a sneaky suspicion she was just being really lovely.  

We finished with 2 mins off our PB from race No1. a fortnight ago - I was quite disappointed, but given the lack of training opportunities, since race no1.  not at all surprised.  

All in all a great day.  It was soggy and boggy, but at least it wasn't snowing!  



  1. Laura you are doing so fantastically <3 and for such a great cause, I know how hard it can be to run at times and having someone stick with you really does help!!
    You should still be really proud lovely :)

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Aw thanks Holly, this message made me smile. Got two more races coming up, a 10k and another 5k. I must be mad xx


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