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Monday, 28 April 2014

Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga, fact or fiction.  I remember the days of childhood when we'd all make funny faces and our mother's would say 'if the wind changes your face will stay like that'.  I actually believed this.  

However, being a little more mature at the grand old age of 30, I'm beginning to panic that the jowls are setting in and the chins are doubling. I read up on a couple of facial exercises online and have been doing them religiously.   I have been oohing,  ah'ing and x'ing  so much, that my 7 year old had to ask 'what on earth are you doing mum'?  Just doing my face exercises lovely.  To which he replied 'what next'? 

The 'O'

I sit and 'O' to myself, so enthusiastically, 10sx - a minute break -  5 reps  To do this vent your lips in an 'O' shape and blow out.  

Say Ah!


Another of my favours is the 'Ah'.  I love Ah'ing.  Repeat the timings above but going through the motion of saying 'AH'.  

Some others

Other favourites of mine involve blowing air from one side of the cheek to there other, oh and 'fish lips is quite common - this involves sucking in your cheeks, whilst trying to smile.  Hilariously funny whilst doing this in the mirror. 

Does facial yoga work? I'm not sure but I will tell you something. My face really hurts the day after so it must be doing something!!  

Have fun with this this and let me know your tricks of the trade. 



  1. Sat here reading this post doing the fish excerise and my 4 yrold looking at me like ive lost it haha x

  2. I did this yesterday. I started to do some excercise for loosing double chin, or at least I want to try if it actually works. :D

  3. Oh, looks like it works haha.



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