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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Acne Problems - Quinoderm 5

I never used to suffer from acne but since having my children, I seem to periodically be riddled with it.  It was becoming very sore and blotchy - very disheartening so bit the bullet and took myself off to see my GP.  Alas, there is something that could be done.  Apparently mine is due to the hormonal changes my body has gone through over the years and the Doctor prescribed this cream to me - Quinoderm 5, which is completely designed to treat acne.  I used to swear by Sudocrem but this is the real Mccoy.  
Image of Quinoderm 5.
If this didn't do the trick she said, then I was to go back and get a steroid based cream.
Luckily Quinoderm has been doing the job and after 5-10 days the effected areas were so much better, by the time 30 days passed it was almost completely gone.   I spread the cream thinly all over the effected areas twice a day and massage into the skin until there was no trace left. You feel a gentle tingling sensation and this to me, proved it was doing its job.  

  *Note, this is my own personal opinion of Quinoderm 5 - always seek advice from your GP before trying anything new. 

I really recommend visiting your GP and asking about this.  You can buy it over the counter but if you get it prescribed then it is free.  This is my second tube and I have been using it since November. When the outbreak cleared, I did stop using it and the spots eventually returned.  Again I whipped this out and it has cleared up, I always have it handy in my bedside cabinet now.  

Obviously everyone is different but it really worked for me and perhaps it would help you too.  


  1. This is a version of benzoyl peroxide. Don't you feel like it dries out your skin too much if you use it morning and night?
    I have been using one called Acnefug Oxid Mild and it also seems to be doing it's work. I got the idea from which suggests changing your routine to include 3 steps - Gentle cleanser, benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer. After visiting my dermatologist she said I should try a cream which doesn't provide moisture to whatever bacteria or what not is under your skin. So now I'm using the Acnix cream x

    1. I suppose it depends not the individual, i haven't had any problems with it. xx

  2. That's very useful, I never used to get it either and after having my two something has triggered it off :(

  3. I'll have to look this up - don't think I've tried it before xx

  4. I used this for a little while and found it to be amazing! I suffer with acne on my back and used it a lot on that area, annoyingly it started bleaching my clothes and bedding so I had to stop using it. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. I haven't experienced the bleaching.. yet lol


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