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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Operation Body Blast - Entry - 1.

Ok, so it is now one month into my weightloss/health and fitness diary.    The  first two sets of bridesmaids duties is now a mere 4 months away!   I have never been so determined to shape up.  It  isn't so much the losing weight but changing my shape - would like the curves to be a little tighter.    

the 'e' word..

My exercise regime has been quite hard but I like to mix things up.  I have been putting in training 4, if not 5 times a week.  This includes 3 exercise classes - Tabatta, Kettlebells and 'Yogalattes'.  I do tabatta and yogalattes on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Kettlebells on a Thursday morning.  The bells are pretty tough after a Tabatta sesh the night before believe me!    If I miss a class for any reason I really do think the instructor picks on me when I return.  

In between the classes, I have been fitting in running and walking - I tend to run for 30 mins and then finish with a 30 minute speed walk.   If the weather is good, trail runs are brilliant and because you are fighting the outdoor conditions you tend to burn more calories than you would on the treadmill.  I have been trying to do this every day - I aim for 5k.  Though admittedly, after day three or so, I feel completely done in.  I know I'm meant to let the muscles rest - this is something I am bad for, then moan that I am sore afterwards.   

Finally, I downloaded Davina's 15 minute Arm blast - it's brilliant.  It is a dumbbell work out and it is so easy to fit into my day.  If I don't have the energy to do the other things I always fit in a bit of Davina.  I think she is brilliant.  My arms are my biggest concern, these are  going to be out on show so it's time to  blast the wings.  

Oh yeah and at least 10,000 steps a day - I try to do this but never actually realised how hard that would be in itself.  Yesterday I managed 11,643!  

the 'd' word..

Diet is something that I battle with daily.  I actually get scared to eat regular meals for the fear of putting on weight.  I am a self confessed 'picker'  I try and keep my calories low and I tend to pick on things throughout the day... that was until I watched and episode of 'Secret Eaters' on Channel 4.  I swear, this particular episode, could have been an adaptation of my life.  This woman had the same eating habits as me and couldn't understand why she wasn't losing weight?  The lady practically starved herself through the week and then had her Saturday and Sundays as 'cheat' days.  Well, it was a big eye opener when the experts monitored her eating and tallied up how much calories she actually manages to 'pick' her way through during the course of the week. Plus her body was going into some sort of survival mode.   
Dave, my husband turned to me after the episode and said 'that could have been you'.  I had to agree.  

From that day, a fortnight ago.  I have stopped picking at food throughout the day and instead have made a conscious effort to eat only 3 balanced meals a day.  For instance:

Porridge with banana & honey for breakfast
Tuna, tomato & spinach salad for lunch
Chicken & Brocoli for dinner.  

If I'm hungry throughout the day I have been eating fruit or a low fat yoghurt.   I have also reduced my caffeine intake.  I have a regular coffee in the morning but decaf at all other times - black no milk or sugar.  I have also placed my love for Diet Coke with water.  (bleh)

We have to live though, we need treats from time to time.  If my family want to go to Wagamamas for lunch on a Saturday, I'm going to as well. I'll just try and make better choices.  How good is the Yaki Soba by the way!?

the 'r' word..

Since February 4th, I have been monitoring my weight with my fitbit flex and fitbit aria scales which sends everything wirelessly to my online dashboard.  I have lost a total of 8lbs and almost a whopping 7% of body fat.  My lean muscle mass has increased significantly.  I still have a long way to go.  Ideally I would like to lose a further 14lbs but I set myself goals - 5lbs at a time.  

How about you - have you started a personal challenge lately - how are you getting on?
If you have any exercise suggestions for me, please comment below - any good arm exercise suggestions?  Diet recipes for healthy food and snacks, I'd love to hear your ideas.  



  1. Fantastic, keep going! Very inspirational. :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  2. Very good!!!


  3. holy wow, you're super fit X_x I can't imagine doing as much exercise as you, clearly I need to push myself more >.<

    1. That's the thing, I'm really not. I find it very hard to keep going, keep motivated. Other bloggers etc inspire me. Lxx

  4. Ooooh that is bloody amazing!! YOU GO GIRL - YOU FITTY YOU!!
    I don't know how you do 5k so many days running, I do it on Saturdays and Sundays and am done in too, (but also hate 'rest days' doing nowt and therefore currently work out 6 days a week - usually only not going on the 7th day because I decide to have a social life...

    You are having some amazing results though already, you should be very proud Laura :D

    Holly Mixtures

  5. I bought a fitbit, and I am so surprised at how little I move and how much 10,000 steps is! I live in London and have taken to getting off a stop early and walking, as I feel totally defeated if I don't do my steps. I haven't got the scales or link it to my diet as yet, but I totally agree with you on Secret Eaters. Its been a fav programme of mine for a while, there was one where the guy couldnt work out why he was gaining, but he was getting lunch put on at work, and eating his packed lunch on the way home!


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