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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Crown Brush Makeup Tools

Makeup tools - can't get enough of them.  

When it comes to the 'specific' uses of make up brushes I kind of like to make my own rules -  what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone else.  A while ago the lovely people over at Crown sent me some tools to try out and I have picked for you today, some of my favourites.

First and foremost - I apologise for not washing these first but I have been using them everyday and well, other things take precedence.  These lovely brushes have long black handles and natural or synthetic soft fibres.  

C456 Pointed Blender (£5.99*) is one of Crown Brush' best sellers and if you buy this you will instantly know why. It is my personal favourite of all the brushes I have tried.   Cleverly designed to use in conduction with powder or creams the pointed blender by name is great.  I sometimes use this for blending in my concealer but more often than not - it is my 'go to' eyeshadow applicator.  Teamed up with C433 Pro Blending Fluff (£6.09*) they make the perfect duo.  I have to concur with other bloggers - The Pro Blending Fluff is definitely a dupe for the MAC 217 Blending brush - £18.00 but significantly cheaper.  The name speaks for itself.  Excellent for blending eyeshadows, contouring and highlighting. A definite must have.    

C431 Precision Detail (4.39*) works right into those nukes and crannies that other brushes just make a mess of. I love to use this to apply either my liquid liner or two smudge out pencil. I also find this perfect for applying more definite shading of eyeshadow.   

Last but not least I give to you the C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush (£9.29*).  Originally this brush seemed a bit odd to me, can't put my finger on it but I wasn't a lover at first sight.  However I gave it a go and find it absolutely perfect for applying some delicate blusher or a fine dusting of powder - though it can be used with fluid too  This is great if you want to go for a subtle less 'caked' daywear look.  

Most of these are best sellers and if you are looking to update your collection I would honestly not hesitate in purchasing any of these.  They are significantly less expensive than most of their competitors and the quality is great.  



  1. This is a great post, i've been thinking about buying some crown brushes so its great to know which ones other people love :)

    Anna | On The Dressing Table

  2. Those brushes look really great!!


  3. Lovely review!!! The C433 is one of my favourites!! xxx

  4. Crown brushes sound such good quality, I need to try out a few I think :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. My friend loves Crown Brushes I really need to make an order and try them out for myself.


  6. Love the way you've done this review! :D xx

  7. make up brushes are sooooo important as you need the right one for the right job - I bought a new set the other day as mine were all gettin gold - love this blog thanx

  8. I've heard such great things about Crown. I can't wait to get some! xx

  9. Love the way you've photographed the brushes what a fab idea. Loving your blog x

  10. I love these brushes so much!! i have a lot of them and i find they work just as well as other brushes


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