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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Crown Brush Makeup Tools

Makeup tools - can't get enough of them.  

When it comes to the 'specific' uses of make up brushes I kind of like to make my own rules -  what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone else.  A while ago the lovely people over at Crown sent me some tools to try out and I have picked for you today, some of my favourites.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Birchbox March 2014, LuLu Guiness Edition

March is here and so is my Birchbox.  This month Birchbox collaborated with British Fashion Designer LuLu Guiness.  I have to put my hands up to say that shockingly I had to do a google search.    Well, I spent ages browsing the range of fabulous accessories and handbags and have built up a new lust list.  I love her quirky monochrome 'humbug' design along with all the lips. Fabulous.  

Inside the Box

Birchbox LuLu Guiness edition

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Operation Body Blast - Entry - 1.

Ok, so it is now one month into my weightloss/health and fitness diary.    The  first two sets of bridesmaids duties is now a mere 4 months away!   I have never been so determined to shape up.  It  isn't so much the losing weight but changing my shape - would like the curves to be a little tighter.    

the 'e' word..

My exercise regime has been quite hard but I like to mix things up.  I have been putting in training 4, if not 5 times a week.  This includes 3 exercise classes - Tabatta, Kettlebells and 'Yogalattes'.  I do tabatta and yogalattes on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Kettlebells on a Thursday morning.  The bells are pretty tough after a Tabatta sesh the night before believe me!    If I miss a class for any reason I really do think the instructor picks on me when I return.  
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