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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Merumaya - Youth Preservation Moisturiser

Today, I am sharing with you this lovely moisturiser from Merumaya - Integrative Effective Skincare £29.50*.  Now, I have very dry skin and it has a temper, a daily battle with breakouts and dry patches.  It is strange actually because I get quite a lot of compliments about my skin which completely baffles me.  I always put it down to the fact I wear a fair bit of makeup.  

I was asked in November if I would like to try Merumaya's Youth Preservation Moisturiser and I agreed.  I have to admit that I was really sceptical about this, it makes me feel quite nervous when it comes to changing my moisturiser, or cleansing routines as I feel i'm just asking for skin trouble.  However!  

After 3 months of using this moisturiser I am a definite convert!

Founder 'Maleka Dattu' launched her range of Merumaya products in October 2012 and has been able to buy in John Lewis Stores and John Online since January 2013, as well as being available to buy direct from Merumaya online.  

Since turning 30, the anti-ageing issue has been weighing heavily on my mind and I should have started taking steps towards this 5 years ago, better late than never.  With this Youth Preservation moisturiser my skin benefits from all day hydration, in fact my skin is so soft I don't find myself reaching for primer so often, it has completely zapped all my dry patches and has helped with my Rosacea, the redness is minimal.  

The packaging isn't overly wow but it comes nicely packaged in this sleek tube and with it's pump nozzle it really saves on wastage. 

The cream itself has a velvety texture and feels really expensive - the scent is minimal too which is lovely.  My skin genuinely feels nourished and revitalised.    The moisturiser contains a SP15 which will be ideal as we approach some sunnier months.  I'm normally a Clarins gal when it comes to my moisturiser but I honestly feel that this particular moisturiser from Merumaya tops it.  Something I didn't think possible.  

I thought after 3 months of constant use I would be looking to repurchase this very soon, but there is still a heap left!  Dot this on each cheek, forehead and chin and gently massage into the skin.  You will instantly see a difference in your complexion.  I am so happy with this.  

OK Magazine had nothing but praise for Merumaya in their February 4th edition, so it is an up and coming product that you should all know about.  

Along with their lovely moisturisers Merumaya also do a line of serums, supplements, cleansing products to name but a few.  I am very curious to try them too!  Have you tried anything from Merumaya Intergrative Skin Care before?  How did you get on?



  1. Looks like a good one.


  2. This sounds wonderful! I've heard great things about the cleansing balm from this range, I'm really keen to check it out.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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