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Monday, 10 February 2014

Massage Oils - Perfect for date night.

The winter months take their toll on us all and like many, I have been smothered in the cold more times than I had turkey dinners at Christmas and believe me, there were a lot of dinners!   Fed up of achy joints I was raking through all my lotions and potions and came across this Bochery Nature Massage Oil that had been sent to me a while ago and had one of those light bulb moments - much to my husbands dismay.

So, date night comes along and I suggest giving each other a massage using the oil.  He manked and moaned about it so I let him have the first one and it is safe to say he wasn't extremely willing to take his turn, in fact he was practically asleep.  He was a trouper and took his turn and it was absolutely wonderful.  

This oil is Lemon scented, I am not normally a fan of Lemons, the smell reminds me of Jif which my mum used to clean the kitchen when we were children.  Though this wasn't at all over powering - in fact it was really refreshing.  The Lemon Oil is designed to help colds and coughs with its anti inflammatory properties. 
It was extremely Moisturising and it penetrated deep into the skin, with the heat from our hands it left us feeling totally relaxed.  My sinuses seemed to clear a little too.  This oil can also be used on the face to help treat acne - I have to say, I wasn't brave enough to try it on my face but completely on board for a brilliant aromatherapy massage.  I had a great nights sleep.  Bochery do a range of different scented oils such as Vanilla, Lavender and Rose - each with their own particular function for relaxation, hydration etc. 

This is the perfect Valentines night in paired with a bottle of wine, bubble bath and chocolate.  The Bochery Oils are £10.50*  and I have it on good authority that they are currently 30% off until Midnight February 15th - simply use the code Bochval14 when checking out.  


  1. This sounds devine! Now I just have to persuade the boyfriend to give me a massage! *unlikely* but wishful thinking! Maybe I should get this to drop the hint!
    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. these sound amazing ! might have to have a look :)

  3. i have never come across the Bochery brand before. The lemon scent would make a nice change for the normal oil spell. Great review.


  4. The lemon oil sounds lovely! Lemon is one of my favourite scents so I will definitely have to give it a go! Thank you for the review :) xxx


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