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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Glossybox January 2014 - Back to Basics

Glossybox January 2014
Glossybox January 2014
Glossybox January 2014
My first Glossybox of the New Year arrived this morning.  I always look forward to them.  This one is described as 'back to basics'  and to be quite frank that is exactly how I would describe this box. Basic.  

It just seems a bit thrown together.  Not much thought has gone into putting this together.  Though, admittedly some of the items are alright. 

anatomicals 'puffy the eye bag slayer' - Had a quiet giggle to myself over the name.  I do like the anatomicals as a brand they have some nice things.  I would like to tackle the bags under my eyes so i'll enjoy trying these out.  

Vaseline Body Lotion - Smells nice, can't go too wrong with it, travel size too, handy.  

Balance Me Body Wash - This smells amazing, it's a shame that it isn't slightly larger it won't last very long.  'Balance Me' have some nice products and it was a nice surprise not to receive the eye cream that seems to dominate the choices sometimes.  

Yu Be Moisturising Cream - These little samples last no time at all, it would have been nice to receive a slightly larger version of this.  It also seems to be a frequent visitor to the Beauty Boxes - YuBe, could you please provide something else?  The cream is very nourishing for dry skin.  

Vintage Cosmetic Tweezers -Woo hoo, no curlers!!!

I apologise for feeling a little negative in this post, it doesn't happen often but I think a little more effort could have been had here.  

Perhaps I got the booby box - what did you get in yours?  Would be interesting to know?


  1. I got exactly the same as you . It's a very basic box isn't it xx

  2. I've not had a Glossy Box for so long and I miss it so much! I love seeing what you get! I love anatomicals, this looks like a great box! x

  3. I have always wanted to try Balance Me products because they sound so lovely! I wish I could get my hands on it!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. It's a shame you were disappointed with this :( I never really see that many good beauty boxes these days.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. Id love to see how the puffy eye thing works! I'm currently suffering :(

    Emily | PENNY RUGBURN 

  6. I wouldn't be happy at all with this box. I gave up on glossybox months ago x

  7. Such a boring box, not the one to surprise someone, eh?

  8. The items are nice but not really exciting... I agree it could have been much better xx

  9. I got exactly the same as you and was not impressed at all either. I tweeted them to voice my disappointment and didn't even receive an acknowledgement!

    Jo x

  10. Glossy is the last box I would buy. Love Me Beauty gets good reviews out of all the boxes currently available.


  11. I see where they were coming from with this box but it not something I would be excited to receive.


  12. I have never subscribe to Glossy Box before, it seems to be such a hit and miss and sometimes they like to repeat products as well, which is a shame. I've tried Birchbox before and I think that out of all the beauty boxes, Birchbox interests me the most.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  13. I got EXACTLY the same contents and was so disappointed. I much preferred the old Glossybox style!

  14. I got the same, except for the Vaseline (I got a CC cream instead), and I was also quite disappointed. None of these things struck me as 'luxury products' and it was just all very unexciting.

  15. I have the same feeling lately. I am really thinking about quiting my box.


  16. They were right about it being basic... I had the same as you and have now unsubscribed. All items were samples and to add insult to injury the tweezers didn't tweeze!

  17. i have heard a few people not happy with theres this month
    great post :)
    The Inked Blonde

  18. ive had enough with glossy box and this month was the final straw,i was emailing and phoning them for days before i got a reply about the shoddy items in the box only to be told that they replied to me within 2 days,rubbish it was 5.
    The stupid woman who emailled me put:
    "We aim to answers all emails within 48 working hours which is 5 working days so we are pleased to see that we have replied to you well within our aim"
    Eh can i not count or something or are they just getting kids to answer the emails?
    I also accused them of not providing what they said they would provide and charging me for items which were useless (ie cc cream which was too dark or Items which say free sample on them)
    They replied with.
    please note that we do not sell the items, we sell you the service (the box, sourcing the products, delivery and packaging)
    To which i got onto trading standards for advice as they wont give me my money back and they said this is in there terms of what they will provide you if you sign up "For only 10£ (plus p+p), GLOSSYBOX mails you five deluxe-sized beauty samples from your favorite luxury brands" so basically they are not selling you a service.
    and no they are not luxury items either but thats another matter(as Beauty uk market themselves as being value and not"luxury or high end" as they are selling the samples as.

    Bad glossy box, got a ticking off from me as i cancelled my box had a rant and then reported them to trading standards.

    Made me feel better too. lol

  19. The only thing I got different to you was a beauty uk cc cream instead of the vaseline body lotion. It was a very basic box but I wasn't too disappointed. Seems to go good month bad month at the moment.

  20. I'm thinking of cancelling my beauty box subscription, I just keep getting disappointed...



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