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Friday, 13 December 2013

30 Before 30 - The Results…..!

Well lovelies, it happened, last month I turned 30.  It is something that I wasn't really looking forward to.  People ask me why I was so bothered about it and my answer is simple.  I had children early 20s so they vanished.  I am however looking forward to my 30s and what the will bring.  

As you know, I set myself a 30 before 30 challenge months ago.  Well here is how I did.

30 Before 30

Say hello and meet my best friends baby

Little Oscar was born on 15th October 2013 and he is absolutely gorgeous

Choose a Tattoo and actually go through with it 

Fail!  I still haven't quite decided what I want to get, I have an idea but it isn't enough to make me go through with it quite yet.  I did however get a Floral Motif on my foot while I was on holiday in April so it was almost a pass.

Visit NewYork

On 15th November, my Husband and I arrived in New York City and a decade long dream came true.  
We had the most amazing time. New York is absolutely magical and I hope to return one day.  

Have a private reading with a Psychic

Fail!  I would still love to do this, I have a telephone number for a lady that is meant to be amazingly accurate, however, I think i'm a bit of a chicken.  

Take a photo a day from now until then and keep a log of them 

I could not absolutely say for sure if I managed this - I do take a lot of photos so I'm saying PASS

 Read a book a month 

Ahem a total of 8 books should have been read - I managed 3.   I should have said magazines!

 Reach 1500 Blog followers 

Thank you all so much I have achieved this goal and I am so grateful to you all.  

Give up carbs for 30 days 

I managed 16 consecutive days

Try Cristal champagne

I haven't tried Cristal yet, I will have this on my 40 list

Lose a stone (at least.. 30 also brings 3 sets of bridesmaids duties)  

Since starting the list I have lost 10lbs.

Own a designer handbag

Fail!  Though I was given a McQueen Scarf for my Birthday from my Sister 

Eat a Bagel outside the Tiffany flag ship store

Breakfast at Tiffany's - we certainly did!

Join the Anthony Nolan Register

I promise come January this will be done!

Have High Tea

We definitely did this one in style, the day before my 30th we had High Tea in the Plaza Hotel.  My waiter sang Happy Birthday to me along with the Grand Piano - was amazing and the tea was delicious.  Picture above. 

No meat for 30 days 

Who was I trying to kid.

Give Blood


 Join the local Church 

Fail!  Though I have been twice this year

Buy a large jigsaw and do it 


Watch the God Father Collection


Get married

This was always on my list and I'm happy to say we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary in August

Start a family

Again this was always on my list.  We have two beautiful Boys

Buy a House

We live in our amazing house with one amazingly hefty mortgage

Be amazed

I am amazed a lot!  But never more so than on the days my children were born

 Choose a signature lip stick and perfume 

      Many of you will know that my signature lip colour is red and it is most definitely Mac Ruby Woo.
My signature perfume is definitely Ghost Cherish

Hand write a letter to a friend

Not quite there yet. 

Love and accept my body

haha um… not quite

 Find out my correct bra size 

Apparently i'm a 34 C

Take up a form of sewing 

Lets put this on the 50 list

Buy Roller Blades and use them

No but I did go blading this Summer.  

Realise that life really does begin at 30 

I am still getting there but I'm definitely looking forward to finding out. 

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  1. You are getting there. Love this article.


  2. I loved reading this a lot and you achieved a lot of the things you'd hoped for! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. It's great that you managed to achieve so much on your list. I hope you had a fab birthday.

  4. My 30s were great and full of adventure - I hope yours are too!

  5. Love this. Great to see the updates to the 30 before 30 list post. Do me a favor and start embracing your body the way it is. I bet your hubby adores you a lot. ;) Be the most wonderful you, that there can exist! :D


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