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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bridget Jones 'Mad About the Boy'

Ok, I admit it, i'm pathetic but definitely not alone!  I absolutely adore the Bridge Jones books and movies.  It's the type of lighthearted entertainment that I like to fill my spare moments with.  I have watched the films over and over again.  Bridget is is my hero and Mark Darcy my Prince Charming. . .

Then BAMM!!  Helen Fielding rips our hearts out and stomps all over them.  I'm not saying anything here that isn't public knowledge, it has been spamming our Facebook feeds for weeks and pages were printed in local newspapers.  How could she!!  Was absolutely gutted and I vowed I was boycotting the book 'Mad About the Boy' but alas, I was weak.

I have downloaded it on my IPhone and I am currently hooked.  Fielding is slowly working her magic on me again.  I haven't yet finished - but if you are a fan of this series and had doubts whether to  buy the 3rd instalment, get past it.  It is absolutely hilarious and I still find myself (even more so) relating to the character and life of Bridget.  Absolutely Laugh out Loud funny.

To be continued . . . 

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  1. Gutted!

    I still need to read the books as I've only seen the film...if they make the third film I don't think I can bare to see Colin Firth go!

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Looks like a great one.


  3. Hello, I just spotted you blog button on another site and had to pop by because of your cute schnauzer illustration! Do you have one?

    I am such a fan of Bridget Jones too but I've been putting off reading this one because of all the changes! I always prefer the books to the films but I'm not sure this time. Sounds like you're enjoying it though so maybe I'll pop it on my Christmas list :)

    Fiona x

  4. I can't believe Mark Darcy is no more! :(

    Jennie xo |

  5. I'm going to have to re-read the first book again, I haven't read it for years! xx

  6. I'm so excited for this book! Definitely planning on bringing the new Bridget Jones as my travel companion when I visit America/Canada later this month (I'm staying a while in NYC too, coincidentally haha!). I loved the first two novels, it's so easy to read and soooo funny :)

  7. I still have yet to read the books, as I've sadly only ever watched the films, but I am tempted to have a cheeky purchase of them all for the kindle :) xx


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