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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Holiday time - lets get prepared

2 Sleeps till New York!  5 Sleeps till 30!  I am hoping to have a few more items scrubbed off my 30 before 30 Challenge soon!  The panic has definitely started to kick in along with the butterflies of excitement.     I am always so unorganised the week of the holiday countdown. However this time I am on track.  

I have completely gutted the house for the baby sitters, and my holiday washing has been done (just needs to be ironed and packed).  I have all my travel details printed off, and emailed copies to myself!  

Now I just have the pamper prep to sort out.   Last night I washed all my make up brushes, they currently smell gorgeous and are all soft and fluffy again.  I use my shampoo and conditioner to wash them and it works a treat.  I have a fairly strict routine, sounds nuts, but I am really particular about which brush I use for what.  I love the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for foundation application and I love the contour brush to blend in my concealer.   

Tonight I amm going to do a fake bake then do my Sensationail Manicure - I recommend investing in this kit as it is amazing!  Then sort out my makeup bag for going away.  I'm not sure what the allowance is for going to America i.e. how many mls you are allowed to take on the plane with you.  So if any of you could fill me in on this, that would be great.   For the main make up bag - I am trying to travel as light as possible (going to be tricky), but going to pick the essential items and a day to night eyeshadow palette.  Will share my picks with you soon. 

I have never really been on a long haul flight before so if there are any tips or essentials you would recommend I take with me, please leave me your thoughts.  

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekly ChitChat

I have had an exciting but busy few days, I'm also really looking forward to my trip to New York on Friday.  Part of my trip will involve meeting the gorgeous Leslie from the blog Bravenezz, we have been blogging friends for over a year now and it is really exciting the prospect of meeting her in person.

A month ago, I entered Mallzee's search for Top Scottish Blogger, well on Friday I got a fantastic email to say I had won their title and soon will have a lovely badge to display on my Blog.  I also won an IPad Mini.  I never win anything special so this really meant a lot to have been chosen.

On Friday I did some shopping in town and then I got my hair done.  I went for a bit of a drastic change and my hair is now red.  I'm still a little unsure as it's quite a change but sure it will grow on me.    That evening my family took me out for a meal to a gorgeous little restaurant 'Eat on the Green' which is absolutely gorgeous, 'home of the kilted chef', for a pre 30th celebration.  We had such a great night but was absolutely dying yesterday -  love a good glass of wine but the next day is never pretty.

Yesterday was a complete waste, I spent the day feeling sorry for myself watching a marathon of Xfactor recaps, not even UK Xfactor, I spent the day glued to the US Version - which in my opinion is a lot better.  Thing is, I am not even a fan, but the telly is that rubbish there wasn't a lot of options.

After a monster of  a sleep I got up at 11 today and after 2 cups of coffee feel a little more human.  Meeting a friend tonight for a light dinner and then we are going to see 'Gravity' at the cinema, I'm a big Sandy B fan.

Hopefully I will be able to do a few reviews before I go away on Friday.  So speak soon.

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Debenhams Size 16 Mannequins the Debate

Image of Debenhams Size 16 Model
There has been massive debate all over Facebook and other social media sites about the launch of the Size 16 mannequins in Debenhams.  Who would have thought that this could bring such controversy.

I learnt of this revelation today after a radio station posted about it on Facebook and it appeared on my feed.  I have to say that I spent a good while reading about it on google and then sat for around half an hour reading everyone's comments - many vulgar.  It has really wound me up.

I think that the 'larger' mannequin is equally as lovely as the 'smaller' sized mannequin and I think it is nice to see how this particular dress sits on both sizes.  Albeit, this would be the 'perfect 16' and from one 16 to another - I definitely am not so perfectly formed with my baby belly and slightly larger thighs.  However I am not overweight and I was really annoyed about the comments that suggested that just because people are size 16s they must be unhealthy and/or overweight.

I am 5'11 and I checked my BMI - it is well within the healthy range for my height and weight ratio.  I eat healthy foods and do exercise (ok in moderation I admit).    I also know people who are heavier and shorter than I but are still a only a size 12/14!  People really need to adjust their brains and get out of the mindset that larger sizes automatically means FAT, after all, muscle weights more.  Remember Gladiators?  The ladies weighed around 13+ stone, some of whom were size 16 but didn't have an inch of fat on them.

*I'd also just like to clarify that I am not prejudice towards larger sizes (as one of my comments below may suggest)  I realise they are also 'people'.  I obviously didn't express that in my unedited post so I apologise if I caused offence by capitalising the word fat.*    

The other side of the argument were size 16 ladies being insulting towards the skinnier ladies - saying they aren't real Woman - c'mon now, we are all 'real' - last time I checked.  Skinny doesn't always bring body confidence - nor does it spell out eating disorder.   Society needs to get over this but sadly it won't happen.

I would love to see all different sized mannequins in our department stores. I do not think that they promote unhealthy lifestyles at all.  People are in control of their own mouths.

Am I wrong?  How do you feel about this subject?  I understand everyone has their own opinions so feel free to be vocal.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bridget Jones 'Mad About the Boy'

Ok, I admit it, i'm pathetic but definitely not alone!  I absolutely adore the Bridge Jones books and movies.  It's the type of lighthearted entertainment that I like to fill my spare moments with.  I have watched the films over and over again.  Bridget is is my hero and Mark Darcy my Prince Charming. . .

Then BAMM!!  Helen Fielding rips our hearts out and stomps all over them.  I'm not saying anything here that isn't public knowledge, it has been spamming our Facebook feeds for weeks and pages were printed in local newspapers.  How could she!!  Was absolutely gutted and I vowed I was boycotting the book 'Mad About the Boy' but alas, I was weak.

I have downloaded it on my IPhone and I am currently hooked.  Fielding is slowly working her magic on me again.  I haven't yet finished - but if you are a fan of this series and had doubts whether to  buy the 3rd instalment, get past it.  It is absolutely hilarious and I still find myself (even more so) relating to the character and life of Bridget.  Absolutely Laugh out Loud funny.

To be continued . . . 

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Help plan my Days in NYC - 10 sleeps

Hello lovelies, I know I keep harping on about it, but I am just really excited about my trip to New York, I have waited a decade to go and now there are only 10 sleeps left!  I kind of have an idea of what I want to do but there is just so much to cram everything in.  Trying to do a sort of holiday plan in the next few days. I already have two Broadway shows booked - The Lion King, because i've heard it was amazing and also - Annie - being my most favourite musical ever and completely nostalgic.  

However, I would really love to hear your suggestions on 'places to go, places to shop, where to eat' .  I would love to read your suggestions, so please leave your comments below or even tweet me @laurziecooper on twitter.
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Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes - Honey Glow

Image of Lily Lolo Shimmer Brick
Remember, Remember the 5th of November, Gun Powder, Treason and Plot.  I see no reason why Gunpowder, Treason should ever be forgot.   It really is amazing what you remember from such a small child.   Happy 5th of November lovelies, where has this year gone.  Hope you all had a brilliant Halloween, I attended a friend's house party and had a lot of fun with my Skeleton makeup went down a treat!

Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes - Honey Glow £19.99*

Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes Honey Glow
Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes Honey Glow
I have recently been introduced to the gorgeous brand Lily Lolo.  Lily Lolo products are absolutely stunning and their attention to detail is beautiful.  In particular this Shimmer Stripes compact in Honey Glow (also available in Rose).   

The stylish white compact with an elegant silver Lily Lolo logo on front, so simple and fresh, comes packaged in a silver box with a beautiful floral motif embossed on the front.  

Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes Honey Glow
This gorgeous compact is handbag handy with a decent sized mirror and when dusted over the face gives an absolutely gorgeous autumn glow.  The coloured stripes which range from gold, rose, beige and cream compliment each other and are extremely subtle.  I love the diversity of this compact, each shimmer also makes a lovely eyeshadow and the lighter stripes, an amazing highlighter.  

The Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes reminds me of the Estée Lauder collection that comes out every year, they have their rose shimmer brick for spring summer and their bronze for Autumn/Winter.  The Lily Lolo Shimmer Stripes are the perfect dupe and around £8-9 cheaper.   

I was lucky to receive mine from Cocktail Cosmetics and they are available to buy on their website now, the perfect stocking filler for a friend or relative.   This is definitely one of my favourite makeup pieces in my collection just now and have found myself reaching for it daily.  
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