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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Packing up your Summer Wardrobe

At the beginning of Autumn I pack away all of my Summer clothes, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to this tradition.  Pack them all up in air tight bags and put away in the loft.  It is quite sad but when I was walking around John Lewis the other night, I picked up a couple of winter bits and bobs.  I didn't want to spend too much before going to New York next month, I will wait another couple of weeks before buying some holiday clothes I think.  Luckily because New York won't be hot I shouldn't really need much (she says).

Out with Summer it's Autumn ❤

So Summer dresses, skirts, vests and bikinis are getting put away until next year when I try to squeeze back into them, I always put on weight over the winter months - I just like my food and wine too much.     However, although I pack away all the Summer clothes in Autumn, I can't seem to bring myself to pack away my fitflops, flipflops or sunglasses.  I'd be the insane mum doing the school pick up, in the middle of winter, with my sandals still attached to my feet (I don't care they are so comfy). Sunglasses, well, they are just a staple part of my day wear.. I admit I am the annoying one who wears her shades everywhere, they have a very comfortable home on the top of my head thank you :)  if I think of sun through winter there is always hope.  

Do you pack away your summer wardrobe to make room for your Autumn/Winter one?  I feel I have to, I just don't have enough storage for everything - it would cause mega arguments about space so it just has to be done.    What is your favourite Autumn accessory?  I love a really wooly snood, I'm currently on the look out for the perfect one for this year.  



  1. Something I really need to do. :(


  2. I should do this, as my wardrobe is over run! Where do you get the vacum packed items? Thing is Id forget about them and buy more x

  3. I really want a nice wooly snood too!! Let me know if you find one :-) xx

  4. This is something I do every year too - I'd love to have a wardrobe big enough not to bother!! But I do quite like this time of year and getting my cosy winter wardrobe out! :) x

  5. love fall clothes. you are adorable!

  6. I love this, I still need to start organizing my clothes.
    Have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Check it out over on my blog- :)

  7. I don't as far as "normal" clothes are concerned as a lot of vests & tops get worn all year round - just with more layers. I do. however, have most of my skiing stuff in a big plastic storage box in the loft as that stuff is quite voluminous and would otherwise take up quite a lot of wardrobe space outside the ski season.


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