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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

30 Before 30 Challenge Update - A BABY WAS BORN

Hello everyone.   I am just home from a long weekend visiting family up in North Scotland.  It was lovely but there is nowhere quite like home.  

Today I am sharing with you an update on my 30 before 30 Challenge (for the original post click here).  After a long year of waiting, I am finally able to score the most important number off the list:-

No.1 Say hello to my best friends baby 


My gorgeous best friend, Kellie, gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday 15th October, after an extremely long labour - which she came through with nothing more than Paracetamol and a Tens Machine!  Now that is what I would personally call a Rock Star!  I could not be more proud of her.  

I was absolutely convinced that baby Oscar would be a girl, so convinced I bought a pink dress months ago.  We had a good laugh at how wrong I was.  

Above is the gorgeous mummy and baby Oscar - doesn't she look stunning?  I was also informed earlier that only a week after giving birth she is back down to her pre pregnancy weight - don't know about you but I am seriously jealous, I am still shifting weight from my first, let alone my second.  

I met Oscar the day after they came home from the Hospital and I am absolutely Smitten ❤.  I am also honoured that I will be known as Aunt Laura, this is a great feeling.  

Congratulations Kellie x

26 Days left till 30



  1. Ah. So cute!


  2. Aww Oscar is adorable! Congratulations to his mum!<3

  3. Awww congratulations - Oscar is a little cutie!!

    It's so good having besties with babies haha, mine is expecting her second soon and I can't wait to spoil him/her!!

    Holly Mixtures


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