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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Idea #2 Broken China Doll

Broken Doll Make up image
Such a simple look to pull off - Ben Nye Clown White (or any white based foundation or face paint), White setting powder (or translucent would do).  Black eyeliner pen.  Red red lip stick.  

For the part that isn't white, do you make up as normal but keep your lip and eyes nude.   

What do you think?  

Perricone MD | No Concealer Concealer | Review

Image of Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer
Happy Halloween!  For the past year, Perricone MD, No Concealer Concealer has been high on my wish list.   After reading some spectacularly great reviews about it I decided to finally 'invest' in it.  Perhaps it is like Marmite, 'you either love it, or hate it'  unfortunately, I have to say that I am 'perri disappointed'.  I was drawn to Perricone MD products because they are formulated by certified dermatologist 'Nicholas Perricone M.D.  No Concealer Concealer is designed to camouflage imperfections and brighten.  I find this product very very similar to benefits 'Erase Paste'  the colour and texture are almost identical.  I am not a fan of Erase Paste either, but a product I really wanted to love.
The formula is very drying on my skin and although meant to be a universal colour, like Erase Paste - is far too dark for me.  Unfortunately I don't like the smell of it either, smells pretty industrial.  
Image of Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer
Although this product doesn't work for me, it may well work for you. Especially if you are a fan of the Erase Paste benefit.  It will simply last you ages.  Dr Perricone recommends using one pump, warmed between your fingers and patting gently along the lower eye contours and other imperfections.  
Image of Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer
No Concealer Concealer retails at £37.00 this was a lot of money for something I have only tried once and swatched twice.  So if you love this product or would like to try it for yourself I will sell it to you for £15 including P&P.  Huge saving for  a once used product.  

My cousin Yvie wears the No Foundation Foundation - I had once said  that I would like to try it however, after the disappointment of No Concealer Concealer - I won't  be forking out for the Foundation.  

Have you tried this product before? What did you think of it?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Lush Santa's Lip Scrub Review

I am a big fan of lip scrubs and in particular the scrubs from Lush.   I attended a Fabb Blogger Event in Glasgow at the start of the month and was really delighted when I saw Lush had a stand.  The girls were lovely and were really passionate about the brand.  They were displaying Lush treats for Christmas 2013 -  I just had to share with you the newest scrub in their range - that I snapped up - 'Santa's Lip Scrub'.  

 Lush have modelled this on what they think 'Mrs Claus' would use to pamper her lips - I think that was a brilliant idea.  
Image of Lush Santa Lip Scrub

The formula is edible and the pigment won't stain your lips.  The sugar gently exfoliates the lips leaving them feeling soft and nourished.  I suffer from dry lips daily so a lip scrub plays an essential part of my daily routine.  This is so cute and tastes absolutely delicious with it's cola flavour!  

This would make the perfect stocking filler.  Bubblegum used to be my favourite but I think I actually prefer the cola now.  They retail for £5.50 and if you don't have a Lush locally, it is available to buy online.  

What is your favourite flavour of the Lush lip scrubs?


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Confessions of a Secret Shopper

October's featured blogger is the lovely Louise from Confessions of a Secret Shopper.  Louise is an established Blogger, her first post was published in January 2012.  Besides being a Blogger, Louise is a mum to two gorgeous children, Stacey and Oscar and is the ultimate 'Yummy Mummy'.  

Confessions of a Secret Shopper has a bit of everything, beauty, lifestyle and tips, enough to keep you hooked on that long bus journey to work daily.   I have particularly enjoy reading Louise's product reviews and I love how organised she is - a section alphabetically arranged of them all - have a look at the extensive list here .  

If you would like to chat with Louise, she is a regular user of Twitter @staceysmum84 and is extremely nice.  

Pop over and say hi to Louise now xx 


Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Costume Idea #1 - 'She Waited too Long'

an image of Skeleton Makeup
I love Halloween!  Especially when it comes to experimenting with makeup so I thought I would share with you a series of ideas for 2013.  This one is called 'She waited too long'  I chose to do this one first as it is my favourite, and quite frankly terrifying!  

I used Black and White Acrylic Paint by MAC.  

Look out for the next idea soon.  If you would like to see a tutorial on this please let me know.  

Have a shpoooky weekend!  

Inspired by Mademoiselle Mu's She waited too long"

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mallzee - Quirkier Shopping made social

Mallzee is such a wonderful concept and I'm actually hooked! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mallzee let me tell you a bit about it..  

'Personalised shopping app with a social twist!'

Searching for a particular outfit?  Fed up of scouring the web?  Download the Free Mallzee app on ITunes to save yourself a lot of time and effort.  Search your seasonal wardrobes - all under one platform.  That's not the best bit!  Connect with your friends and make online shopping social!

This self explanatory app makes shopping so easy - filter your results to suit your particular style, including your favourite items, colours and brands - voila!  Mallzee brings the shops to you.  

Pour a glass of vino/stick the kettle on and get opinions from your girlfriends directly from the comfort of your sofa.  Especially good if you live in house full of boys!!  

Mallzee isn't just for girls - shop gifts for him too, it works both ways

I don't actually have any negatives about this app at all, it was quick to download and is really easy to use.  Definitely plays an integral part of my clothes shopping decisions now.

Earlier this month whilst attending a Fabb Blogger event I was lucky to meet some of the faces of Mallzee and they are really passionate about their brand - I'm definitely a convert so thank you!  Discover more about them for yourself over at  


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

30 Before 30 Challenge Update - A BABY WAS BORN

Hello everyone.   I am just home from a long weekend visiting family up in North Scotland.  It was lovely but there is nowhere quite like home.  

Today I am sharing with you an update on my 30 before 30 Challenge (for the original post click here).  After a long year of waiting, I am finally able to score the most important number off the list:-

No.1 Say hello to my best friends baby 


My gorgeous best friend, Kellie, gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday 15th October, after an extremely long labour - which she came through with nothing more than Paracetamol and a Tens Machine!  Now that is what I would personally call a Rock Star!  I could not be more proud of her.  

I was absolutely convinced that baby Oscar would be a girl, so convinced I bought a pink dress months ago.  We had a good laugh at how wrong I was.  

Above is the gorgeous mummy and baby Oscar - doesn't she look stunning?  I was also informed earlier that only a week after giving birth she is back down to her pre pregnancy weight - don't know about you but I am seriously jealous, I am still shifting weight from my first, let alone my second.  

I met Oscar the day after they came home from the Hospital and I am absolutely Smitten ❤.  I am also honoured that I will be known as Aunt Laura, this is a great feeling.  

Congratulations Kellie x

26 Days left till 30


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Put your Mask on - because you're ... so worth it!

Image of Bochery Nature Triple Force Mask
Everyone has their favourite luxury items.  One of my favourite brands is Bochéry Nature and a few months ago I was really lucky - I was sent some gorgeous products.  

RéformeSpa Triple Force Mask*

There is nothing better after a gruelling week and the insane changes in weather, than a good old pampering.  I have various face masks for all different purposes but recently I have had really bad outbreaks, dry and tired skin.  This triple force mask by Bochéry Nature cleanses my skin, gives it a complete detox, leaving it feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.  This 200ml tub will last me forever.  I religiously use a face mask and exfoliate once a fortnight.  If you want your makeup to sit well, always make sure the base is up to scratch first.  

The thick green clay, infused with algae and ginseng is amazing and easy to apply.  Gently cover your face avoiding the eye area.  Leave this to set for 10-15 minutes and then remove with warm water.  

Bochéry are all about 'natural' and I love this type of companies where the products are paraben free and well, generally free from nasties.  

Treat for you too, I have been given a code for 30% discount from their website, simply enter the following code on checkout. 

expodis30 -

What are your luxury pampering products?


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Recent Empties - Soap & Glory, Ojon, YSL & more

I only really do 'empties posts' now and again, usually because I normally forget.  In that being said, here are a few of my recent empties and whether or not I would repurchase:

Ojon Full Detox Shampoo

Ojon detoxifying shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp from impurities and product build up.  It contains Vitamin E, Macadamia and Sunflower seed oil.  Every so often my hair starts to feel really greasy and limp, even after washing.  It loses all oomph and really gets me down.  I took this problem to Twitter where I was given loads of different recommendations.  It is recommended only using this shampoo twice a month for a proper detox, it worked and  I did really like this shampoo but found it extremely expensive so unfortunately I won't be repurchasing it.  Another recommendation I received was adding Bicarbonate of Soda to my shampoo and massaging into the roots of my hair - I am going to give this a try, I am hoping it saves me a few quid.  

YSL All in One BB Cream

My absolute favourite and most used item of Summer 2013 and has definitely earned it's place in my all time favourite products.  Before coming across the YSL BB Cream, bb creams didn't appeal to me in the slightest.  I won't rabbit on about this product as I have reviewed it fully before and it has been included in many a favourites post but it is definitely worth the money and looks amazing on the skin.. Repurchase?  Of course!

Soap & Glory - Archery

This dual ended eyebrow pen has a brush for tinting and a crayon for shading on the other.  This is by far the best eyebrow pencil I have tried and absolutely love it.  It is very natural looking on the brow and extremely affordable to buy.  Repurchase?  Already have!  

Caudalie Paris Beauty Elixir

I received my first ever Caudalie elixir in the Summer 2013 Selfridges Beauty box - after months of eyeing it up on You Tube videos I wasn't disappointed.  The elixir was lovely and refreshing on the skin before the application of moisturiser etc but I also found it great at setting my foundation afterwards.  Repurchase?  I definitely will buy this again when I have a couple of pounds to spare as it is quite pricy.  If they sell this in New York I will definitely pick up a bottle.  Boots in Aberdeen don't stock it unfortunately.  

Smashbox Photofinish Primer

No brainer really.  This is a great primer and I totally believe your foundation sits better when you use one.  Repurchase - yes.  The good thing about this is that smashbox also do a travel size version for the cheaper price of £12.50 and because they last so long you'd be just as well buying that instead of spending the £25 for the full version (not just a hat rack!)

Clarins Multi-Active Day

I love everything about Clarins skin care, and in my opinion Clarins are the best in the skin care business.  The full size moisturiser is far larger than this and comes in a glass tub.  I love having this travel size handy for going away for weekends or holidays.  It is a really nice light moisturiser, suitable for most skins.  I will definitely be repurchasing the travel size very soon.  


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Claudia Bradby Jewellery

I was recently sent this gorgeous Claudia Bradby bracelet for review and I have to say it has been rarely off my wrist since it arrived.  

Claudia Bradby is a British Jewellery Designer, who started her own collection in 1999. 

This beautiful bracelet has been delicately designed using sterling silver beads and a white pearl finished with Claudia's signature motif on the clasp.  The beads sparkle in the light making it the perfect piece for day or night.  The bracelet is quite fragile so care is needed when clasping it onto your wrist and I think it looks particularly lovely when stacked with other bracelets, to give a natural, relaxed feel. 

Claudia Bradby designs are all hand crafted using silver and stunning pearls.  The collection includes necklaces, pendants and earrings too.  If you are looking for something special to give a loved one this year,  this would make an ideal gift.  This jewellery will intrigue all ages and her broad range means that there is something suited to all ages and taste.  Claudia Bradby has concessions in John Lewis and online if you are looking for inspiration.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

Maybelline 'Color Whispers'

Image of Maybelline Color Whisper
The gorgeous Natasha from Bellezakisses and I were chatting a few months back and I expressed the fact I would love to try the 'Color Whisper' lipsticks that aren't available in the UK.  So we decided to do a swap, Natasha really wants to try the Apocalypse so in return for these Whispers she will be receiving some of them.   Time kind of went on, Natasha was moving house so we had to put the swap on hold. However, to my surprise, these gorgeous little beauties arrived on my doorstep last week.

Maybelline Color 'Whispers'

Image of Maybelline Color Whisper
The Maybelline Color Whispers are available over in the States but unfortunately not released over here, as far as I am aware.   In 20 stunning shades, the Color Whispers are a cross between the Revlon Lip Butters and Maybelline Baby Lips.  They have the pigmentation of the Lip Butters but moisturising like Baby Lips.  However, the darker shades do seem to have a richer pigment than that of the lighter shades.   

The packaging of these are really pretty, slender and rectangular which is perfect for storage.  I like the fact that each of the shades correspond to the colour of their respective lids.  
Image of Maybelline Color Whisper
Natasha very kindly sent me 4.   From left to right - 

Who wore it Red-er, Made it Mauve, Rose of Attraction, 
Faint for Fuchsia

Image of Maybelline Color Whisper
Each of the shades are true to their colours.  None are overpowering and each give a nice coverage over the lip.  They are very build able to give you the desired look you are going for and if you don't have a mirror, don't worry you could easily apply these without any worry if the lack of mirror situation occurred.  These are really moisturising and will appeal to all - I am sure.

 I will probably shock some of my regular readers by saying that my favourite out of the lot is 'Faint for Fuchsia' - this is a barbie pink and I'm really loving a bold lip this season.  Normally I go for a Red but trying to live a little.  

The only negative i'd have about these is the longevity, I do feel l have to reapply every couple of hours  but this isn't a huge issue to me.  They have a gorgeous smell, can't quite put my finger on it but refreshers or for those of you who remember 'fruit salads', spring to mind.  

I said before that these aren't available in the UK however, when scouring the web, I came across an Ebay seller based in England selling these for £6.95 each - with free delivery.  The price being very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. 

To buy from the aforementioned Ebay seller please click the link below.  


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Packing up your Summer Wardrobe

At the beginning of Autumn I pack away all of my Summer clothes, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to this tradition.  Pack them all up in air tight bags and put away in the loft.  It is quite sad but when I was walking around John Lewis the other night, I picked up a couple of winter bits and bobs.  I didn't want to spend too much before going to New York next month, I will wait another couple of weeks before buying some holiday clothes I think.  Luckily because New York won't be hot I shouldn't really need much (she says).

Out with Summer it's Autumn ❤

So Summer dresses, skirts, vests and bikinis are getting put away until next year when I try to squeeze back into them, I always put on weight over the winter months - I just like my food and wine too much.     However, although I pack away all the Summer clothes in Autumn, I can't seem to bring myself to pack away my fitflops, flipflops or sunglasses.  I'd be the insane mum doing the school pick up, in the middle of winter, with my sandals still attached to my feet (I don't care they are so comfy). Sunglasses, well, they are just a staple part of my day wear.. I admit I am the annoying one who wears her shades everywhere, they have a very comfortable home on the top of my head thank you :)  if I think of sun through winter there is always hope.  

Do you pack away your summer wardrobe to make room for your Autumn/Winter one?  I feel I have to, I just don't have enough storage for everything - it would cause mega arguments about space so it just has to be done.    What is your favourite Autumn accessory?  I love a really wooly snood, I'm currently on the look out for the perfect one for this year.  


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Feeling Thrifty? This is Nifty!

Why is it when I am totally 'skint' there are so many things I would like to buy?

In particular,  a new DSLR.  I used to have one but I gave it to my Father-in-Law for his Christmas two years ago and I have regretted it ever since.  I am happy that it made him happy (he is really into nature, loves his fishing and has taken some beautiful photos) - but I have really missed it.  

The camera I really want is the Canon EOS 600D (£399.00 from Curry's).  My lovely friend Kirsty from Rockit-Style has this particular one and was showing me at the FABB event in Glasgow last weekend, the quality of her photos were amazing.

This is how I plan on getting it

One of my flaws is impatience, if there is something I want, I find it hard to wait.  Now,  I don't have a spare £400 to blow on a Camera, I already have a standard digital one that works well.  So it got me thinking - how can I make some money quick that won't leave me out of pocket?   

A Car Boot Sale crossed my mind, they do one in my local town every Sunday - but you know what? I'm just too lazy to get up that early on a Sunday morning.  So, I decided to be ruthless and search for things I could sell online that I already own.  I came across a a few items that 

(1.) don't get used often (2.) already have replacements.   

These items being a Samsung handset and two old IPhone 4S handsets (which have been lying about in the kitchen drawer for months, gathering dust).  I then thought, I could sell my IPad too (I already have a laptop after all, and an IPhone), I don't really need it and rarely use it.

After doing some research online and after a recommendation from my sisters boyfriend, I logged into Music Magpie and was totally amazed at the amount of things you can sell  - DVDs, CDs, Electrics, they even accept clothes!

I entered the details of each item into the website and each item got an individual quote.  Well, I am quite flabbergasted, I got quoted an outstanding £383 for the lot!  More than I have ever made at a boot sale.    Obviously, the company would have to check the items are in the condition I specified on application, before paying out the exact money quoted but I am hopeful and will of course update you of my progress.

Since Christmas is fast approaching I thought I would share this with you.   It is an expensive few months ahead.

If you are in need of some extra pennies, have a look around your house - you would not believe the things you could sell and what people will buy.  I have done well selling items on Ebay before but find the entire process time consuming.

Have you tried using sites like these before? How did you get on?

I'm hoping to have my new camera for my trip to New York next month so fingers crossed!!  


Monday, 7 October 2013

#BBloggers Secret Santa 2013

This time last year, the gorgeous Georgina (Makeup-Pixi3) and I teamed up to arrange a Bloggers Secret Santa.   It was very successful last year.. and lots of fun!  This year we have decided to run it again.  If you would like to join the #BBloggers Secret Santa then simply follow the instructions below.  

We will also be doing a Blogmas theme throughout December which will feature a lot of Christmassy themed posts (including our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway).  So keep your eyes peeled!!


What better way to kick of the Christmas feeling #bbsecretsanta


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fabb Event, Glasgow (5.10.13) Vlogged

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Glasgow FABB Event, it was amazing, full of giggles and we were really spoilt.  I will be blogging about this in full soon but in the meantime, please enjoy the Vlog of our day recorded by the gorgeous Kirsty of Rockit-Style.

FABB Events - Glasgow Merchant Square.  Saturday 5th October 2013


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

David Cooper 1984-2006 - Always Smiling

I didn't feel very much like posting today, In fact October is always a glum month for my family.  If you have followed me for a while you may recall me talking about my brother.  Today marks the 7th anniversary of his very sudden and premature passing, they say time is healer, in one respect they are right, but it still feels so fresh.  If you have lost someone so close before you will understand what I mean.

David was born 3 months premature and obviously spent a lot of time in Aberdeen's Sick Kids Intensive Care Unit.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of oxygen, David developed a clot and suffered a major brain hemorrhage thus resulting in Cerebral Palsy.  Mum told me that she and Dad didn't become aware of David's condition until noticing that he wasn't doing the normal things babies begin to do, like support their own heads.  

David had a great sense of humour, always a smile on his face.  To friends I would describe his case of Cerebral Palsy as stuck in a body that didn't work.  He couldn't walk or talk, use his arms etc but he could understand everything going on and was quick witted.    David was a skinny wee thing but he could eat like a horse, he loved his food.  Food was one of the biggest enjoyments in life for him.  Chocolate Dave he got nick-named at school, he couldn't get enough of the stuff.   David also loved going out for a Sunday drive with my Dad, even better when Dad put his foot down and the radio was blasting.  Food, Cars and Music were his passion but most of all he loved his family and was involved in everything we did.  

Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him instantly loved him. 

David developed a severe case of Epilepsy when he was 15 and struggled with that until he was 21.  Then on the evening of 2nd October 2006, David took a fit and sadly, he didn't come through it.  He had a couple of bad days leading up to this and his body just wasn't strong enough to pull through.  He died in my arms.    

My first born, Shaye, was only 4 weeks old and I felt completely robbed that my brother wouldn't see him grow up and Shaye wouldn't know his Uncle.  I have since had two children and the memory of David lives strong in our house, my children are very aware of their Uncle who they never knew.   But as they grow up they will know what an inspirational young man he really was. 

If I had known that day would have been my last, I would have said so much.  I am glad I said I love you.  I encourage you all to tell the ones you love each day.  It is so important. 

David Cooper 1984-2006 


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick - £15.00

The MAC Retro Matte Collection was released early September and was inspired by the popular Ruby Woo Retro Matte Formulae.  Due to the success of Ruby Woo, MAC decided to create 7 more exciting shades with a Retro Matte finish.  

image of MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous

Retro Matte Finish

The Retro Matte formula is a little less drying than the standard Matte, though I do recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips before applying your lipstick.  It is a fact that your lipstick sits better and will look better depending on the condition of your lips.  If you feel that this finish is too drying for you, don't let it put you off, simply add some gloss for extra moisture.  

The newest editions to my Retro Matte collection - given I already own Ruby Woo, which is my all time favourite red lipstick and definitely my signature choice, are 'Relentlessly Red' and 'Flat out Fabulous'.   I will review Relentlessly Red at a later date but today's post is all about..

image of MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous

Image of MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous

Flat out Fabulous!

Image of MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous

Flat out Fabulous is a gorgeously bright plum which is very vibrant, perfect for any occasion.  I think this will look amazing on any skin tone. As you can see from the picture, I am really pale so if you have a similar skin tone and don't think you can carry off a bright lip - think again.  I am the Queen of pale.  

I prefer a matte finish to that of the creamsheens, I find them pretty but sometimes a bit 'melty' if that makes sense.  

image of MAC Retro Matte Collection - Flat out Fabulous
I am currently on the look out for a darker purple shade so if you have any recommendations for me, please do leave me a comment at the bottom.  What is your favourite lipstick finish?  
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