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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Thanks Guys.

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far?   I just wanted to say a quick thanks too all the kind advice and support I have been getting over the passed 24 hours.  I am a real technophobe and i'm not quite sure what i've done wrong.  However, I appreciate you all sticking by me.  I just really panic that I may have to delete and start a fresh.  That would make me sad.  A whole years efforts possibly going down the drain.

Ill try and be a little more positive and hope I get the techy issues sorted soon. 

Love Laura x


  1. Urk, no idea what's happened but I hope you manage to get it sorted! xx

    1. See my reply to Bree, currently pulling my hair out, as my old posts arent being redirected yet. x

  2. Oh no!!! Hope everything works out for you!


  3. I hope everything goes okay! When I switched from a blogspot address to a address Bloglovin' wasn't very cooperative and my followers still get my posts but from following the old address...all very confusing and frustrating!

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle

    1. Thanks Bree, yeah my biggest problem at the moment is my .net address which i had before with, I couldn't find my account information so they won't give me access to it which means I can't have the .net address forwarded to the .com its really frustrating I have been tooing and froing all weekend and could quite frankly cry, i'm essentially starting from scratch lol.


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