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Monday, 23 September 2013

Favourite Purple Things

Autumn is setting in, the leaves on my favourite tree are starting to wilt and will soon begin to fall.  The end of Summer says good bye to your bright colours and welcomes in darker, warmer shades in preparation for winter.    Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Purples. 

The Petal Pusher palette is my favourite set of eyeshadows at the moment.  It is so versatile, the colours are very easily blended.   Some shades are softer than the others which are more vibrant - excellent when making that transition from day into night.  I have reviewed this palette (including swatches) previously which you can read here.  

This is from the same family as the popular Rose Lip Treatments in the fresh line.  These are pretty expensive.  The other day I read a blog post by Miss Mac Beauty duping the rose treatments with Maybelline Babylips (read her review here), I have to say I completely agree.  The Maybelline Babylips products are much more affordable.  In saying this, this lip balm is just so creamy - I just love it. It has a slight plummy tint and smells divine.   I probably won't be replacing it because of the price - I just hope it lasts me a little longer.  

I adore the O.P.I range and in particular this gorgeous Purple.  I received this in a Birch Box a little while ago and I wear it regularly.  I can't give you the precise shade as for some reason it has not been numbered or named, but it is a very rich shade of purple.  1 coat is enough, however I do like to apply 2 coats as always feel by applying that second coat before your top coat you are giving yourself longer wear out of your manicure.  

This is a little pot of heaven is soufflé for the skin.  This is really moisturising and I love the creamy texture.  Extremely luxurious these hand blended butters by Betty Hula are gorgeous and come in a variety of different scents. I am also in love with their Champagne and Spice butter it is amazing for those Winter months.  The packaging feels quite expensive with it's tinted glass.  The scent from this butter lingers on the skin all day long which is also really lovely.  

Ok, I am cheating a little here as the product itself isn't purple - but the packaging is, so let me off.  This is by far my favourite eyeshadow primer.  It definitely increases the longevity of my eyeshadow by 4-5 hours, which is really great.  There is nothing worse than your eyeshadow starting to crease after only a couple of hours.  
This potion is also amazing for keeping your concealer in place.  If you apply a dab of this over a spot before using your regular concealer, the concealer stays put! Thus giving you extra skin confidence on those days you don't feel as good as you should.  

Cargo recently made its return to the UK, so if you haven't had a chance to try this brand out yet I really recommend you give them a go.  They are as great as MAC and their lip glosses are really great.  The shade I have is 'Madrid' which is a mixture of ruby and plum (if that makes sense) and it has a gentle shimmer.  It is non sticky (very important) and sits on the lips for ages with out reapplication.  Perfect for your handbag, or even your purse.

Purple Hunter Wellies
These are my absolute pride and joy!  You're probably thinking what on earth - they are wellies for goodness sake!?  Well when you live the countryside, in particular the Scottish Countryside - you will appreciate how important wellies are - if you have to wear them, you may as well make them look good!  

Happy Monday, have a great week!  


  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks Heather, glad you enjoyed it. xxx

  2. Oh really cute your favorites dear, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion it´s spmething than I really need try.

    1. Yes you do! It is a sin that you haven't already!! ;-)

  3. I'm dying to try that WnW palette!

  4. These look great! Love the look of the Wet and Wild Palette :)

    You're one of my bloglovin followers, when I changed my blog name it all messed up. I'd love it if you re-followed me if you wanted to.

    Vicki x

  5. The wet n wild palette is sooo beautiful. I love mine :)

    1. So lovely isn't it, the colours are so gorgeous. xx

  6. I would love to try the Wet and Wild Palette too, it's very popular :) I wish they were more easily available over here.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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