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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn Wardrobe Wish List

Image of My New Look Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist
You say Autumn?  I say, new wardrobe. Autumn/Winter fashion collections are my absolute favourite.  Who needs to get excited about summer clothes?  I live in Scotland!  Enough said. So when I hear the words Autumn, besides the words leaves and chilly, my main thoughts are ooh wooly jumpers, skinny jeans, knee high boots, snoods and parkas, to name but a few.  

I'm the same as any girl, I do love getting glammed up however, most of the time comfort means more to me.   I am also visiting New York in November and I hear it is very cold there so i've started to put together a list of items that I am planning to buy for my trip.  I love New Look for this seasons trends, reasonably priced I find I get so much more for my money.  With that here are my choices.  

These are an essential piece of any Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  Can be dressed up or down with skirts, skinny jeans or leggings - such a versatile item, not to mention cosy.  Coziness is key this season - in 
my mind anyway.   
Black Parka
This gorgeous coat, screams cosy!  It is a great everyday, going to uni, doing the shopping - school run jacket.  Suitable for all age groups and it also comes in Khaki Green.  

I am a complete sucker for these quirkily designed sweaters, they are absolutely adorable, so hard to resist.  Last year, I bought the hoody that had the Panda on the front and the hood had Panda ears.  I love it.   My sister didn't want to walk beside me whilst out and about but I didn't care!  

Knee high boots are that essential wardrobe item that I look forward to every year.  I get really excited and look forward to buying my annual pair of boots. I wear them everyday - another very versatile buy.  

I love my snoods and I almost love wooly hats as much, especially if they have a pom pom on the top!  I figure I'll need a few for New York, I hate having cold ears and if you have seen the size of mine - you will immediately understand. 

High Waist Skinny Jeans
Finally we have the  black skinny jeans, these are amazing and because they have a high waist they hide an array of sins.  I love high-waisted jeans, I always feel far more secure and confident than when I go out wearing hipsters. I'm always conscious of pulling them up and I hate wearing belts, I find them so uncomfortable.  

What are your favourite things about this season? 



  1. Replies
    1. Me too. Only wish I had more money, may have to buy one item at a time. lol x

  2. I loveee high waist jeans.


  3. The new look of the site is wonderful!


    1. Thank you Ali, i'm really happy with the work Urban Hype Creative have done.

  4. I think I need that squirrel jumper in my life, cutest ever! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. I know it is so cute!! Think ill buy it with my new look vouchers. :-)

  5. love that pink jumper and the high waisted jeans! your blog is looking fab! x

  6. This has to be the best wishlist picture ever!!! :-) I really want a parka this year xx

  7. I'm loving how you put your picture in there!!! Super cute! Loving your wish list


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