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Monday, 30 September 2013

MAC Cremeblend Blush - Tease your Tastes

MAC Cremeblend Blush - Tease your Tastes £18.00

I really look forward to Autumn makeup collections the best, the fall shades are far more up my street.  I have been really into cream blushes lately and I recently added yet another brilliant one to my collection - MAC Cremeblend Blush - Tease your Tastes - with a name like that, could you resist?

This blush forms part of the MAC Indulge Collection for Fall 2013, and is 1 of 2 Limited Edition blushers in this collection.  The other being - 'Glamour Feast'.

Image of Mac Cremeblend Tease your Tastes

'Tease your Tastes'

'Tease your Tastes' is a soft neutral pink which isn't in the slightest overpowering.  It is nicely pigmented - without having to worry about any residue excess on application.   This sweet blush is extremely subtle giving you a sensual glow on brisk Autumn days, however, it can be gradually built up for a more dramatic evening look, if so desired.  If it is a more dramatic look you are going for I suggest buying 'Glamour Feast' which is a richer deeper shade.  

image of Mac Cremeblend Tease your Tastes
The Cremeblend blushes are packaged the same as their powder brothers and sisters but are slightly smaller.   The texture of these cremeblends is so smooth and not sticky at all.  I can honestly say that I can get a good 5 or 6 hours out of this product before a touch up is needed, maybe longer depending on external factors i.e. weather.   I can see me buying a couple more before the year is out.  Have you bought anything from the Indulge Collection yet?  It is stunning!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Old Blog posts, make me CRINGE

Oh my goodness, have you ever sat back and read some of your very first blog posts?  I decided to do that this morning and I honestly cringe.  I cringed so much I have actually deleted a couple.   I decided to keep this one though as I'm not actually sure what I am talking about here but it seemed quite popular back then, so for newer readers here's a taste of my madness in the early days.

Scent of a Man

'a bit woodier than i'm used to' 

I was speaking with my sister on Skype yesterday as she lives in Milan and we were laughing because she has recently returned from a holiday in Lake Como - she had forgotten to take her perfume with her.   So, she decided to bag the free samples in the hotel she was staying in and thought that they would do for a couple of days. 

After arriving home and finishing off the final sample that was safely stowed in her handbag she was thinking to herself, 'I really like that, I wonder if you can buy it somewhere?' She types the words ‘Cartier Declaration’ into a Google search only to discover that it is in fact a Cologne for men.

We both had never heard of it but she is happy because it is sold in all of the major perfume shops.  I, a bit horrified, said ‘you aren’t going to continue wearing it are you?’  She quite matter of factly replied ‘why not if it smells good? It is a bit woodier than what I’m used to but it smells fresh’.  Good for you sis, what a good attitude to have.  

Which has led me to this question…

Is it socially acceptable for women to wear men’s cologne? 

I personally love a variety of different colognes, however, the odd ‘scoosh’ here and there is ok and if my husband has been offshore for a while I like to spray my pillow with his ‘BOSS’ - I find this somewhat comforting.  In saying that, I don’t want to be walking around recognizably smelling like a man.

Perhaps this is a confidence issue? Am I too embarrassed?  My sister is right though, if it smells good then why not? 

I have a guilty secret…

My all time favourite cologne - which I sneak into his Christmas stocking, has to be ‘Eternity for Men’ by Calvin Klein.  Whether he likes it or not his annual bottle is always there, he can guess what it is before he has unwrapped it because the scent is on the wrapping paper from me smelling it before hand.

I could not actually pin point what exactly I love so much about this fragrance but it is so seducing and extremely sexy -  it drives me crazy.  I love how the scent lingers all day …… oooh goose pimples.  If I could spray this on myself and wear it all day everyday then I would – I confess…maybe one of these days I will be naughty and do just that. It would be interesting to know what men think of ladies wearing their colognes? 

Calvin Klein -  “Men have to be sensual without losing their manhood and power”

Since you now know my guilty pleasure, what is your favourite cologne and what do you like your man to smell of? 

Thanks for reading

....Yep Cringe......


Friday, 27 September 2013

Cargo Magic Brush - Review

Image of Cargo Magic Brush
Cargo describe the 'Magic Brush' as the only brush you need.  I do disagree with this statement as it isn't the best for powder make up as some other reviews may lead you to believe.   I personally wouldn't give up my Real Techniques brushes for foundation or powder application however, I absolutely adore this brush for any crème products - whether it be blush, bronzer or highlighter and for this reason, this is the only brush I need.  
Image of Cargo Magic Brush
The Magic Brush is very well made, and the soft synthetic bristles grab hold of the product very well.  Be careful not to over do it , a tiny dab is enough, build up gradually.  You can literally apply your blush, wipe clean,  apply your bronzer and so on so forth, it is brilliant - wipe and go.  
Image of Cargo Magic Brush
I always get really flawless looking results with this and I wouldn't use anything else to apply crème products now.  

If you are thinking of treating yourself to some new brushes this weekend or thinking of adding to your collection, this brush is an investment.  Perhaps you already have this in your collection?  Do you like it for powder, crème or both?


This is available to buy from various online shops.  Debenhams currently have 10% off for a limited time only.  You can access the Debenhams website by clicking here.  Normally £24.00.  

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines - Suedeberry - Review

Image of Lime Crime Velvetine - Suedeberry
I am really loving the Lime Crime Velvetine Collection - Lime Crime's 'liquid lipsticks'.  On first glance you imagine them to be like a gloss but they aren't at all, they are a different texture, non sticky and the formula dries almost instantly on the lips.  The formula is waterproof and it literally sticks to your lips.  It seriously does not budge, giving your hours of long lasting colour.

At the moment there are only 2 shades in the Velvetine collection- Red Velvet (which I am also lucky to own), is very deep red and the one I am reviewing today.


Image of Lime Crime Velvetine - Suedeberry

Suedeberry is a light red however on my lips it looks like a warm strawberry shade and I adore it.   It has a matte finish but if you prefer more of a sheen, simply apply some gloss over the top.

 The Velvetine Collection have a very 1950s/Marilyn Monroe feel about them which makes me feel quite glam when I wear them on a night out.

Image of Lime Crime Velvetine - Suedeberry

I adore the packaging, Lime Crime always put such effort in to the design of each of their products.  The lid is embossed with the Lime Crime name on one side and on the other it simply says Velvetines.

You can buy these from Cocktail Cosmetics priced at £11.50 and they will last you forever.  These would be fab Christmas presents for your girlfriends too. Yes I know, I said the C word - but it is only 13 Saturdays away!

I think it would be fabulous if Lime Crime were to bring out more shades in this collection, perhaps some purples and pinks - they wouldn't go a miss.    Oh yeah forgot to mention, in case you didn't know - I am currently giving away 'Red Velvet' as part of my blog revamp celebration, so please do enter to be in a chance of winning one of these little gems.

Enter Here


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Top 10 - High Street Nail Varnishes

I have shared foundation collections, lipsticks and blushers so it is about time I shared some of my favourite nail varnishes.  The photo above pictures only a sample of my collection and though I would love to review them all, we would be here all day.  I have whittled them down to my top 10 most worn.    I also have a collection of Sensationail gel colours but I haven't included them in todays post. 
When it comes to buying nail varnish, I am a big fan of high street brands, reason being - you can buy more for your money!  I'm greedy, I know.  I do sometimes splurge out on a more expensive brand but not very often.  I tend to spend more on the Gel colours as they give you longer lasting manicures. 

With that here are my top 10 most worn high street nail varnishes.  

Bourjois, O.P.I, Butter London, Barry M, nails inc. Wet Wild, Rimmel Salon Pro - Kate & Sephora by O.P.I

In a clockwise direction from the image above

Butter London - Slapper

This is my absolute favourite nail varnish by Butter London.  This rich turquoise really makes a statement when worn and it is the kind of shade that you can wear any time of day, month or year.   The only thing I am not totally keen on is the name, but the Butter London nail varnishes all have quirky stand out names. 

Bourjois Paris - 1 Seconde - Shade 09 Lavender

Bourjois nail varnishes are great and I particularly love the 1 Seconde salon finish range with their gel like silicon texture.  This varnish feels very luxurious.  The brush has a wide fan effect tip which helps the application process run more smoothly and the consistency is so thick you only need 1 coat.  It also dries extremely quickly.  This lavender shade is so pretty I wear it at least once a week.  

O.P.I - 142 - ElePhantastic Pink

Before departing on my holiday to Ibiza earlier on in the year, I was browsing in duty free when I realised I had not packed any nail varnish and my nails were in a serious state of disrepair (any excuse, I know).  I wandered over to the O.P.I stand and spent ages looking at the various shades.  I chose this particular one because the name stood out to me - 'ElePhantastic Pink!'  I love Elephants and I love pink , problem solved.   This is quite a bright pink, definitely more neon than baby.  Very pretty, only problem being you do need more than 1 coat to get the full benefit, don't let you put this off if you are in a hurry - simply buy the O.P.I drying drops!  

Sephora by O.P.I - Gold Glitter

Unfortunately this one doesn't have a number or name but it is an obvious gold with glitter through it.  I received this in a makeup swap (along with another I will be talking about) and on first impression I thought this was a top coat, I was wrong, this has a thick enough consistency to be worn on its own.  I don't normally wear this one during the day, but definitely reach for it on most nights out.

Rimmel London - Salon Pro - by Kate - no. 713 - Brit Pop

The Salon Pro range by Kate Moss are so so similar to the Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde.  The consistencies are similar and so are the fan like brushes.  Brit Pop is another gorgeous Turquoise but slightly darker than the Butter London 'Slapper'.  

Wet n Wild - Mega Last Nail Colour - 217b - Disturbia

You will have to forgive me, I can't remember where I got this, it was either in a beauty swap or a beauty box.  This mini Wet n Wild mega last nail colour, does exactly what it says on the label.  Disturbia, is an extremely deep purple.

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine - Blood Orange

I am a huge, huge fan of red lips and nails.  I think it is becoming my signature style.  I love the Barry M Gelly range.  They make your nails look shiny and feel really smooth.  Blood Orange is a really rich red (not orange) and I can't get enough of this shade. 

nails inc. London - Jermyn Street

I love the nails inc. brand and a while ago I picked up Jermyn Street - it came free in Cosmo I think, if not Cosmo then one of the other leading magazines.  I'd describe Jermyn Street as a soft taupe, but if you think I am wrong, do put me right as I am absolutely terrible at 1. describing scents and 2. describing colours.  

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine -  Dragon

My second favourite Barry M Gelly nail colour is this adorable baby pink, it is one of those must have nail colours.  Though the name 'Dragon' confuses me a bit, I'd say it looks like it should be called something softer like 'Unicorn'  rather than 'Dragon' (see how my mind works?).  

Sephora by O.P.I - Burgundy

Lastly, we have the second Sephora by O.P.I in my collection, this time it is a mini varnish in a deep Burgandy shade and I absolutely adore it.  It has the tiniest glimmer of shimmer throughout and is another of my favourite go to evening shades.

Which was your favourite?  I hope you enjoyed this post and excuse any rambling!  

2 sleeps till the weekend!  


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn Tag

I don't often do a Tag post but for some lighthearted reading I do enjoy them.   Today I am embracing the Autumn Tag that was started by Makeup Pixi3 and who kindly tagged me, so thanks Georgina. 

Favourite thing about Autumn?

It has to be the all the pretty colours Autumn brings.  I know it brings in the cooler months but something about Autumn makes me feel all warm inside.

Favourite Drink

My favourite hot drink is Coffee, usually in the form of a Cappuccino or Latte.  I love going to a Starbucks or Costa after a long days shopping to sample what new flavours they are promoting.  Recently my sister made me try some sort of soy latte with spice and cinnamon which was complete MING.  I would much have rather went with my first instinct of the Chocolate & Orange Mocha Latte.  Lesson learnt for next time.  

Favourite Scent/Candle

Yankee Pink Dragonfruit all year round. Next...

Best Lipstick

MAC - Ruby Woo or Sleek - Stiletto, always. 

Go to Moisturiser

Clarins Multi-Active Day Moisturiser

Go to colour for eyes

I must say that I love neutrals i.e. creams, browns.  The Urban Decay basics palette is definitely the one I find myself reaching for the most.  I just love it.

Favourite music to listen to

At this moment in time I am liking the likes of Passenger, The Lumineers and I am loving the new album by Avicii

Favourite outfit

My favourite outfit this season is, black skinny jeans, knee high boots, sweater and snood. Finished off with a warm coat and wooly hat - with a pom pom of course. 

Autumn treat

I am saving my pennies in September and October, or at least I am trying my best as the husband is treating me to a trip to New York in November for my 30th birthday so that is my treat this year. I  cannot wait, something like 54 days!  

Favourite place to be

My happy place is at home, with the doors locked, curtains drawn, fire lit, lamps on.  Topped off with a blanket, my man and my boys.  Red wine in hand, movie on the telly. Bliss.  

I would like to tag

Off course if you are reading this and want to take part, I tag you too.  If you have taken part in the Autumn tag already, I would love to read your answers so do leave your links below.  Thanks.  

3 sleeps till the weekend...


Monday, 23 September 2013

Favourite Purple Things

Autumn is setting in, the leaves on my favourite tree are starting to wilt and will soon begin to fall.  The end of Summer says good bye to your bright colours and welcomes in darker, warmer shades in preparation for winter.    Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Purples. 

The Petal Pusher palette is my favourite set of eyeshadows at the moment.  It is so versatile, the colours are very easily blended.   Some shades are softer than the others which are more vibrant - excellent when making that transition from day into night.  I have reviewed this palette (including swatches) previously which you can read here.  

This is from the same family as the popular Rose Lip Treatments in the fresh line.  These are pretty expensive.  The other day I read a blog post by Miss Mac Beauty duping the rose treatments with Maybelline Babylips (read her review here), I have to say I completely agree.  The Maybelline Babylips products are much more affordable.  In saying this, this lip balm is just so creamy - I just love it. It has a slight plummy tint and smells divine.   I probably won't be replacing it because of the price - I just hope it lasts me a little longer.  

I adore the O.P.I range and in particular this gorgeous Purple.  I received this in a Birch Box a little while ago and I wear it regularly.  I can't give you the precise shade as for some reason it has not been numbered or named, but it is a very rich shade of purple.  1 coat is enough, however I do like to apply 2 coats as always feel by applying that second coat before your top coat you are giving yourself longer wear out of your manicure.  

This is a little pot of heaven is soufflé for the skin.  This is really moisturising and I love the creamy texture.  Extremely luxurious these hand blended butters by Betty Hula are gorgeous and come in a variety of different scents. I am also in love with their Champagne and Spice butter it is amazing for those Winter months.  The packaging feels quite expensive with it's tinted glass.  The scent from this butter lingers on the skin all day long which is also really lovely.  

Ok, I am cheating a little here as the product itself isn't purple - but the packaging is, so let me off.  This is by far my favourite eyeshadow primer.  It definitely increases the longevity of my eyeshadow by 4-5 hours, which is really great.  There is nothing worse than your eyeshadow starting to crease after only a couple of hours.  
This potion is also amazing for keeping your concealer in place.  If you apply a dab of this over a spot before using your regular concealer, the concealer stays put! Thus giving you extra skin confidence on those days you don't feel as good as you should.  

Cargo recently made its return to the UK, so if you haven't had a chance to try this brand out yet I really recommend you give them a go.  They are as great as MAC and their lip glosses are really great.  The shade I have is 'Madrid' which is a mixture of ruby and plum (if that makes sense) and it has a gentle shimmer.  It is non sticky (very important) and sits on the lips for ages with out reapplication.  Perfect for your handbag, or even your purse.

Purple Hunter Wellies
These are my absolute pride and joy!  You're probably thinking what on earth - they are wellies for goodness sake!?  Well when you live the countryside, in particular the Scottish Countryside - you will appreciate how important wellies are - if you have to wear them, you may as well make them look good!  

Happy Monday, have a great week!  

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekend Wish List

Today, I am sharing with you a list of wants, the things I lust over whilst drinking my afternoon coffee on a chilled out Sunday afternoon.  

I love the Sensationail Gel colours, I bought the kit a few months ago - (which I reviewed in full) and since then I have been slowly building up my collection.  The next shade on the list for me is going to be Sugar Plum.  I think this shade is perfect for this season - warm purple, simply gorgeous. 

If you follow on my on Twitter, you will know that over the last wee while I have been having some problems with my hair.  I received a lot of good advice and it turns out my hair was just full of nasty product build up.  I have been searching for a good detox/clarifying shampoo and the Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo has been recommended to me.  My sister's hairdresser told me to buy it, it is meant to work wonders.   The last time I was in town I bought the Ojon Detox Shampoo, it was quite expensive and I haven't seen much of a difference.  So I am going to give Kebelo a go.  If you have any advice for me in this area, I would appreciate hearing what you have to say on the subject so please leave me your comments below.  

I have been eyeing up this brow pencil for a while now.  I have never tried anything by Hour Glass though think this would be a good start.  

I really want to try this product, I have heard amazing reviews of this tinted moisturiser by Chantecaille, the only thing putting me off is the price at £57.00, sometimes more, depending where you go to buy it.     I found this to be the cheapest on the Liberty London website.  It is mega expensive but everyone who I have spoken with, or read reviews of just rave about it.  I must have missed the boat here.  

I have been using YSL BB Cream all summer, it is utterly amazing and since wearing a BB Cream daily, I have found when swapping to foundation for a change, well, the foundation feels really heavy.  I think this must be because the BB Cream is so lightweight I must have just adapted to it.

I am really terrible at describing scents but I bought this for my sister in laws birthday and really wish that I had treated myself to it too. It is really gorgeous and if you have smelt it before you will know what I am talking about. 
6. iPhone 5S
I had the iPhone 4S it was annoying me because the battery life was useless. My Sister and I did a swap  - I now have her Samsung Galaxy Mini 3s, well It is true to say that I am never happy.  I thought that I would really like the Samsung but being an Apple fan I just can't get used to Android.  Unfortunately I am not due an upgrade until June at the earliest so I will just have to wait for to get a new iPhone, they will probably have released another before then if not about to so may have to wait until next September.  

It is safe to say that this concealer is the best on the market  - in my opinion of course.  Great for not only covering blemishes but works as a great highlighter and hides those under eye bags.  It is on my wish list because my current one is coming to the end of its life and I need to replace it very very soon.  

8.  Michelle Keegan Super Bod
Honestly, how hot is this babe?!  I have complete body envy here.  I'd love to look like her - however, I am not totally deluded, I know there is no way I would ever look like that but it is nice to have some 'BBM' Bikini Bod Motivation.  

This week celebrates my 1/2 stone loss since I started my diet 3 weeks ago.  Project New York and Project Bridesmaids Dress x2 is definitely underway. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my current lustings.  If you have a similar list this week, please share your links below. 

Wish list image created by me, images used taken from the web.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn Wardrobe Wish List

Image of My New Look Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist
You say Autumn?  I say, new wardrobe. Autumn/Winter fashion collections are my absolute favourite.  Who needs to get excited about summer clothes?  I live in Scotland!  Enough said. So when I hear the words Autumn, besides the words leaves and chilly, my main thoughts are ooh wooly jumpers, skinny jeans, knee high boots, snoods and parkas, to name but a few.  

I'm the same as any girl, I do love getting glammed up however, most of the time comfort means more to me.   I am also visiting New York in November and I hear it is very cold there so i've started to put together a list of items that I am planning to buy for my trip.  I love New Look for this seasons trends, reasonably priced I find I get so much more for my money.  With that here are my choices.  

These are an essential piece of any Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  Can be dressed up or down with skirts, skinny jeans or leggings - such a versatile item, not to mention cosy.  Coziness is key this season - in 
my mind anyway.   
Black Parka
This gorgeous coat, screams cosy!  It is a great everyday, going to uni, doing the shopping - school run jacket.  Suitable for all age groups and it also comes in Khaki Green.  

I am a complete sucker for these quirkily designed sweaters, they are absolutely adorable, so hard to resist.  Last year, I bought the hoody that had the Panda on the front and the hood had Panda ears.  I love it.   My sister didn't want to walk beside me whilst out and about but I didn't care!  

Knee high boots are that essential wardrobe item that I look forward to every year.  I get really excited and look forward to buying my annual pair of boots. I wear them everyday - another very versatile buy.  

I love my snoods and I almost love wooly hats as much, especially if they have a pom pom on the top!  I figure I'll need a few for New York, I hate having cold ears and if you have seen the size of mine - you will immediately understand. 

High Waist Skinny Jeans
Finally we have the  black skinny jeans, these are amazing and because they have a high waist they hide an array of sins.  I love high-waisted jeans, I always feel far more secure and confident than when I go out wearing hipsters. I'm always conscious of pulling them up and I hate wearing belts, I find them so uncomfortable.  

What are your favourite things about this season? 


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

September Favourites

Welcome to my...
It has been a good while since I did a favourites post, however, here are some of the products I have been loving in September.
I have this mascara in Brown, a colour that I prefer as we head towards the Autumn and leave Summer behind us.  I especially love the long wand with it's comb like head, it really does lengthen the lashes to give that 'false lash' effect.  I like this particular mascara because it isn't at all clumpy and my lashes feel like they can breathe.    I think the price is really reasonable and it is extremely good quality.  Will definitely be repurchasing this. 

I love the Real Techniques range and I have recently added the Blush Brush to my collection.  I actually prefer to use it for my powder as I have the Cargo multi use blush for apply my blusher.  
image of Butter London Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel
I will be doing a foot care post soon but I just had to share this with you.  If you suffer from tough skin around your heel area, this is perfect to tackle the problem.  It has a roller ball head that enables you to glide this all over the problematic areas with ease, wait and few minutes and then use a pumice stone to gently rub over the treated area.  
Image of Bochéry Nature nanoface Eye Cream
This eye cream comes from  Bochéry Natures 'nanoface' series and was actually sent to me for review.  All the reviews I do are my own opinion and I can honestly say that I have noticed a visible difference since using this product a few weeks ago.  A real luxury item.   It is designed to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eye.  
Use this product morning and night by gently massaging around the eyes until the cream is absorbed.    The products in the Nanoface Series use 'modern skin renewing nano-complex comprised of oligopeptide enzymes inside the lipsomes'  - sound foreign to you?  Yeah me too - it basically aims to achieve 'maximum penetration' within the active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin.  The active ingriedients includes, vitamins and proteins, to name but a few, which provide hydration, helps the appearance of age spots thus promoting radiant and more youthful looking skin.  
Image of Chanel Powder Compact and Chanel Cremé Blush - Revelation
This season Cremé blushes seem to be proving more popular than their powdery sisters.  Since starting to use a cremé blusher in June, I use one every day, finding myself reaching past the others in my collection.  This Chanel Blush forms part of the Autumn Collection - I chose the shade ' Révélation' which is a warm rosy/pink, in fact when I bought this I was lucky as I got the last one, the assistant said that this one was  the most popular out of the 6 shades in the range and it was selling out every day.    I chop and change between this and my Cargo creme blush, which has appeared in previous favourites post, reason being the Cargo blush is a little cheaper and you get more of it, it is quite nice to keep Chanel as a treat.  

Whilst I was at the Chanel counter I decided to pick up a new powder compact - I was torn between the  loose and the compact.  I chose the compact powder because it slips tidily into my handbag, it has a mirror and quite frankly the loose powder container - although beautiful with its power puff, would just prove too big to carry about.  I may consider getting it for my dressing table in the future.  This sheer glow powder is so light and perfect for sealing in your foundation or bbcream.  

So there you have it, my favourites for this month. 
Have you tried any of these product yet?  Do leave links back to your September Faves. xx


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

30 Before 30 - An Update!!

'This year I say good bye to my 20s and I don't feel ready for it at all.  My 20s have brought me the happiest times of my life so far - I met and married my sweetheart, we have created a home together and I have my 2 babes to be thankful for.   However, I do feel I missed out on other things. Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets but perhaps I would have done a little restructuring with my timings.'  Read original post - here 30 Before 30

So, The last time I posted, and set myself the 30 Before 30 Challenge I had 207 days to go - now where am I at....  207 61 days left!  Have I achieved any of my goals yet?  Let's have a look.

30 Before 30 Challenge

  1. Say hello and meet my best friends baby, she is due in October - 4 weeks to go!!!
  2. Choose a Tattoo and actually go through with it - Does Henna Count?
  3. Visit NewYork - (half way there - it is booked)  59 Days until I land in New York City
  4. Have a private reading with a Psychic
  5. Take a photo a day from now until then and keep a log of them - Getting there, have missed a couple
  6.  Read a book a month (starting tomorrow, suggestions for the first one please?) Well this is a fail already - I should have read 5 by now, I have only read 3
  7.  Reach 1500 Blog followers (would be amazing) ONE MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all.
  8.   Give up carbs for 30 days - I DID 16 and then failed.  I am starting this on 1st October in a bid to lose a stone before my birthday.  
  9. Try Cristal champagne
  10. Lose a stone (at least.. 30 also brings 2 sets of bridesmaids duties)  HOPING THE CARB FREE OCTOBER WILL HELP
  11. Own a designer handbag
  12. Eat a Bagel outside the Tiffany flag ship store
  13. Join the Anthony Nolan Register
  14. Have High Tea
  15. No meat for 30 days 
  16. Give Blood
  17.  Join the local Church - My Grandma is forever on my case about this.  However, our village Minister has left so I can't do this until they have a replacement, not an excuse, a fact
  18. Buy a large jigsaw and do it - Visiting Amazon in... 15 minutes
  19. Watch the God Father Collection - Sounds like my weekend is sorted
  20. Get married
  21. Start a family
  22. Buy a House
  23. Be amazed
  24.  Choose a signature lip stick and perfume. - I am almost there - it is the scent I'm having the hardest trouble with, trying to decide. 
  25. Hand write a letter to a friend
  26. Love and accept my body (that depends on nos 8.10)  
  27.  Find out my correct bra size - I was in Marks & Spencer a little while ago and the queue was massive - I will head back soon
  28. Take up a form of sewing and have evidence of completed work - Making a trip to Hobby Craft is on my todo list. 
  29. Buy Roller Blades and use them
  30. Realise that life really does begin at 30 - Ask me in 61 days!



Monday, 16 September 2013

Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection - Blusher - NEW

image of Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection
Have you had the chance to get your hands on these beautiful Limited Edition Créme De Couture blushes from Sigma*.  These retail at £9.95 each and are simply stunning.  These blushes have been inspired by the 'decadent delights of French Macarons'.  I think these were released in the UK on 9th September, however don't quote me on that as I am not 100% certain.  

The blushes come packaged in cute little boxes with a delicate motif design on the front and each blush comes with its own little menu, of sorts, describing each of the shades.  The packaging is made of cardboard - it would have been better, in my opinion, if they had perhaps been made of tin instead reason being - I think tin packaging preserves the product longer.
Image of Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection
image of Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection
Cherry Apple
'a perfect marriage of tart & sweet'
This warm coral shade is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your cheeks. If you are a fan of rich coral tones, this would be the perfect choice for you. 

Blackberry Essence
'a gentle Amethyst Berry Mist'
This is a beautiful plum shade - though I have to admit I wouldn't personally use this colour as a blush, I would rather wear it as an eyeshadow.  

Strawberry Ambrosia
'a blush of cotton candy pink'
By a mile, this is my favourite in this collection - this is a super sweet girly pink, the name reminds me of sugary treats, my favourite candy floss.  It is gentle, delicate and soft.  
Image of Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection
image of Sigma - Créme De Couture Collection
Each of these blushes are matte finished and although soft, they are still very pigmented.  I did not find these messy, the powdery residue was limited and they fit perfectly into my makeup/handbag for when I am on the go.  

I am led to believe there is also a palette in this collection but I haven't yet been able to get my mits on it. 

These are available to buy from Cocktail Cosmetics and are on the online shelves now.  

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