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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

China Glaze Nail Varnish in Dance Baby and Techno

These are definitely the girliest colour/combinations in my collection at the moment.  Such fun on their own or paired together.  I bought the pink shade 'Dance Baby' from Beauty Chamber weeks ago and Kerry popped in the sparkly glitter top coat 'Techno' as a surprise. 
 If you are familiar with the China Glaze collection, 'Dance Baby' is very similar to 'Bottoms Up. which are both gorgeous shades of pink.  I found the formula really workable and non tacky.  One coat of this was actually enough for me but if you prefer two then go for it but it really wasn't needed.  When reviewing this product I found a complete dupe in my collection, China Glaze 'Dance Baby' is almost identical to Essie 'Cascade Cool', though with Cascade Cool you definitely need more than one coat, I find it a thinner formula than that of the China Glaze.  Please note I have not photographed my own nails because they are in a state of disgrace just now - I suffer from bitemynailsitis.  
I don't own many glitter top coats as wear them very rarely.  This is down to the fact that they are always so difficult to remove!  A real pest when you are in a hurry.  However, I have remedied this by buying a bottle of pure acetone - I actually bought to help soak my gels off - a little of pure acetone on a cotton wool pad will remove the glitter coat instantaneously.  'Techno' is definitely a great top coat with it's dazzling shine and different sized pieces of glitter it is really gorgeous.  A glitter top coat always brings an added boost for a night out, or even if you want to cheer yourself up. 
I am really impressed with China Glaze as a brand.  The lacquers include hardeners and this helps the longevity of your manicure.   They retail for £8.95 which I am willing to pay no questions asked.  I do not mind splurging out a bit when it comes to good quality varnish.    
When linking this up with Beauty Chamber online I noticed they currently have a sale on certain shades!  
What you waiting for...? 
 photo ScreenShot2013-08-12at235156_zps8740a682.png 
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  1. Ooh I love that shade of pink! I haven't tried any by China Glaze but definitely will in the future :)

    Style Vancity

  2. I love that colour pink - I have a similar one in my collection. Such a cute colour.


  3. What a great post! I love that you showed the same shade in Essie as well!! I love both Essie, OPI and China Glaze!!


  4. The combination looks so cute *-*

  5. I adore china Glaze polishes and this is a lovely combination :)

  6. That glitter polish is stunning! I've yet to try nail polishes from this brand, they look really nice :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  7. Ahh, what a dreamy combination.. these colors are so so so beautiful and the silver glitters are beautiful x

  8. Love china glaze nail polish! And this pink is so pretty <3
    I love the combination too :)


  9. That is the perfect pink colour - I adore it. Excellent combination with the glitter too!

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’

  10. Lovely combination and very similar to the Essie polish x

  11. Time to make a post on 50 shades of pink darlin :)


  12. Love the pink! Love China Glaze in general haha
    I actually bought a CG polish on holiday for only £4!! Bargain
    Estelle x

  13. I don't really like nail glitters just because of that same reason. The removing is a pain in the arse.

    The Caribbean Flower

  14. After seeing your first photo I wasn't sure what Techno would look like on but it really does give it a nice sparkle doesn't it. Definately one of the better glitters I've seen..
    Good tip about the acetone too..

    oOo Becky oOo

    BKY Bubble oOo Beauty, Life, Baby, Bits & Bobs

  15. I love the glitter top coat! I'm going to have to try buying some pure acetone!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  16. Ooh they look lovely together! I still don't own any China Glaze polishes and I feel like I really need to invest in some!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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