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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Origins 'Brighter by Nature' Review

Hi everyoooone :)

Today I've been given the opportunity to appear on Laura's blog which is a lovely change for me and I'm very grateful. Laura liked the idea of me doing a review post for the Origins Brighter by nature SPF35 skin tone correcting moisturiser so that is exactly what I plan to do! Lets get to it!

Now first of all let me say that for me this is quite a luxurious pricey product at £37 which my student bank balance can't cater for. However my jammy dodger of a Mr went to Vegas a couple of months ago and spoiled me rotten with beauty gifts from sephora (eeeeek). This little gem was one of those wonderful products. I chose this because I thought it would be fantastic for the summer months at keeping my skin protected from sun damage and would be the first origin product that I would try! (not to be the last I must stress)

First impressions

My initial thoughts upon opening this little pot were "wow this stuff smells absolutely divine" I know that isn't a beauty product necessity but it ticks a box for me. On my first application I was pleasantly surprised by how little I needed to use. I just applied a teeny splodge on the end of my finger and spotted it across my face. I was amazed that this little amount spread across my entire face without the need to add anymore. This then got me thinking "wow this is going to last me a long time". I will mention here that I have been using this moisturiser at leeeeast once a day and I've only just started to use the product from the pot rather than that gathered in the lid. (Yes really)! The application does feel quite thick in consistency when first applied and I would personally put this down to the SPF contained within the product. SPF can often feel as though it is sitting on the skin and not being absorbed which leaves you with a greasy, coated feeling for the rest of the day. This is not the case with this moisturiser. Although it does feel quite similar to that to begin with I did notice that after a few minutes it has certainly absorbed into my skin better. The trick that I have become accustomed to when using this is applying it first thing in a morning after cleansing, going downstairs for my breakfast, doing my hair, by this point my face feels a lot less greasy and ready for makeup. If you were to apply makeup immediately after applying this I believe it would feel quite cakey and greasy especially for those like me with slightly oilier skin. Having said that those with dry skin might not suffer the same problem. My makeup sits nicely on top of it along with an oil controlling product, and so far, after many afternoon sat out enjoying the sun, my skin has been thoroughly protected and burn free (only overrun by freckles!!).

2 months later....

2 months later I can still report that I am thoroughly enjoying this product and it has become a summer essential for me. I wouldn't dream of going out on a sunny day without this to care for my cheeky chops :). Have I noticed any changes in the condition of my skin? Of that I'm not entirely sure! It does appear to be gradually minimising the appearance of old spot scarring and certainly heals the redness and scarring faster when a new one appears. This doesn't mean all hope is lost however. The main positive for me is that I feel like I'm protecting my face for the future. One of the main causes of uneven skin tone is sun damage. Therefore by wearing a high SPF underneath my makeup on a daily basis I'm lowering my chances of any further damage. That to me is a win win! The moisturiser is also super hydrating so I think it would be perfect for those suffering with dry skin. If I had really oily skin I think I might steer clear of this simply because it's a rather thick consistency.

All in all I'm definitely going to continue using this every day religiously until it disappears completely! Then I might consider forking out for another, unless I find a cheaper alternative that does the same job! Alternatively I can hope that Kevin visits Vegas again and is feeling generous enough to shower me with beauty gifts hehe!

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  1. This looks amazing, I really want to try it now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. This sounds really good.I love the smell of Origins products and I agree, the smell wins a lot of bonus point for a product :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  3. This sounds great! I need to give Origins a try, still haven't dwelled into any of their products.


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