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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Foundation Collection - Best & Worst

Today I am sharing with you my Foundation Collection, this does not include any BB or CC Cream.  Why do I have so many?  Well to be honest, I do have too many, I don't use them all any more but most importantly, it takes me a long time to really like a Foundation that really meets my expectations and works well with my skin.  I also like to try new items to see if they are any better than the one I use at current.    
 I'm going to quickly run through my collection, in no particular order of preference.

Dior Forever Foundation
Price: £32.00
Pros:  full coverage, long lasting
Cons: very heavy, will melt on a sunny day and threaten to look slightly caked.
Best uses:  Evening time - I would use this foundation if I had a special event to go too and I was looking to be more 'made up'  especially good if you are having a bit of a skin nightmare.  This will cover any blemish, mark or scar.
Day Wear - 4/10
Evening Wear - 8/10

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light
Price: £28.50
Pros:  Not as heavy as the normal Double Wear, gives a good coverage and a little of this goes along way
Cons:  You have to be careful how much product you use, too much = foundation nightmare = 'cakey'
Best Uses:  Evening time for a flawless makeup look
Day Wear - 5/10
Evening Wear - 7/10

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Price: £8.99
Pros: Light consistency, Build able coverage, long lasting, excellent day wear.  Most importantly - very very similar to NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, natural looking, translucent and dewy.
Cons:  No pump nozzle - through laziness this irritates me, care must be taken as is a spilling hazard, quite sheer so if you have bad skin you would have to build the product up.
Best Uses:  Day wear - all the way.
Day Wear - 10/10
Evening Wear - 6/10

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation
Price: £8.99
Pros:  good price, fair coverage, designed to give you a morning glow
Cons:  I used to like this foundation until I tried the Revlon Nearly Naked.  This foundation is a lot 'stodgier' than the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.  I find it starts to melt off my face over time.
Best Uses:  day wear
Day Wear - 4/10
Evening Wear - 4/10
Price £27.00
Pros:  Extremely lightweight, build able, good shade, semi-matte finish
Cons:  because it is so lightweight, this is no use to me if I have a bad break out - resembles a BB Cream.
Best Uses:  If you have good skin, ideal for wearing through the day
Day Wear 7/10
Evening Wear 3/10

Cargo Foundation
Price £22.00
Pros:  Unbelievably similar to the Urban Decay Naked Skin, quirky packaging that reminds me of a Capri Sun
Cons:  I wouldn't recommend using this if you have problematic skin or require slightly more skin confidence
Best Uses:  Day Wear
Day Wear 7/10
Evening 3/10
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Price £31.00
Pros: compact packaging and nozzle head, lightweight, build able, feels expensive on the skin and smells lovely and the skin just glows.
Cons:  Tad Pricy, for a fuller coverage really need to spend time applying a couple of layers
Best Uses: Day Wear
Day Wear 8/10
Evening 7/10

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Price: £30.50
Pros:  Beautiful tone on the skin, nice lightweight with satin finish.  medium coverage, long lasting and hydrating
Cons: The price, though a lovely foundation it is very like Revlon Naked Skin at a fraction of the price, however, if you like a little luxury so worth it.  No pump or nozzle head which I find a little clumsy at times
Best Uses:  I feel good wearing this whatever time of day.
Day Wear 9/10
Evening 9/10

YSL Touche Éclat
Price:  £29
Pros:  Think I saved the very best for last because this is my 'HG' foundation.  Great for covering the dark shadows and evening out skin tone.  Long lasting, great coverage.  Pump head, not too heavy, ideal for day or night
Cons: Again, a little pricey but if you have a higher budget definitely worth the hype
Best Uses: wear this all day everyday
Day Wear 10/10
Evening 10/10

Please tell me I am not the only one with too many foundations?
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  1. i want to try the chanel one.
    xx Stephanie (

    1. It is really nice on, fine and light. x

  2. Great post hun! My life feels like one constant battle to find my HG foundation. I have favourites but they're not suitable for a hot day or don't give enough coverage or whatever. I can't wait till I find one foundation that does it all! Haven't tried the YSL foundation yet but it's definitely on my list to try! Xox

    1. YSL is lovely, i'm the same i'm really fussy

  3. And just how much is this collection worth...over £200 wow. Great post though xx


    1. Yeah i was hanging my head in shame when writing this. Though in my defence, some of them are really old.

  4. Wow one day, the chanel and ysl one will be mine muhahaha
    Also the packaging for the cargo one is way cool!

  5. Interesting post! I like to see how different foundations work for other people, in comparison to how I like them!

    1. Yeah it really is amazing how one can sit so differently on someone else.

  6. Wow, you do have a lot of foundation!!
    The packaging of the Cargo one would terrify me, I'd be scared of it popping.
    I'm on a mission at the moment to use up some of my foundations, I'm down to about five now..
    Great post, really interesting to hear your thoughts and comparisons like this :)

    Jess xo

    1. Yeah i've had these rattling around in my drawer for months - maybe longer lol!

  7. I absolutely love your in-depth reviews of these! The Dior one sounds really great to me. And I agree with you about the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - doesn't last :(

    1. Dior is a great evening makeup - the BB Cream is great for during the day x

  8. I am so fussy with foundation, I have just the one!! I would like to try one of the Lancome ones and La Roche-Posay xx

    1. I wish I only had one to be honest - can never make up my mind. x

  9. I love the YSL foundation, I can see why it is your HG. I wish it was a bit cheaper though, my bank account weeps everytime I run out :(

    - Rhi x

    1. I wish it was cheaper too, the one pictured here is actually finished I haven't had a chance to replace it yet, Thought i may be should try using up some of the others first.

  10. I find it so hard to find foundation, so when I find one that I like I tend to use it for years....I want to try new ones but I'm so unsure of what to spend my money on. This was very helpful! :)

  11. I love your collection - very similar to mine! But despite the size of your collection, you are missing one MUST HAVE item - that's the Dior Nude BB Cream, seriously Laura, you need it in your life!!!!!!

    Makeup Pixi3

    1. Got it, was actually your review that swayed me xx

  12. You have a really big collection here, it's useful review!

    Newest Post: [Review] Magic Care Professional Hair Care Serum

  13. Thank you for this foundation list. I find it very useful as I'm looking for my future HG foundation that lasts me all day and seems like I will try to get my hands on YSL <3

  14. I have wanted to try the Nars Sheer Glow for ages, after reading this though I might go for the Nearly Nake Skin instead! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. I really love them both, they are so similar.

  15. I've accumulated loads of foundations and I don't use most of them! The Chanel looks gorgeous xx

    Blush & Bunting

  16. Sooo helpful. I try to have a variety of coveages, 1 of each, a bb cream and a cc cream in just for all occasions.


  17. Impressive collection. I'm equally impressed that none of them seem to be in bad condition as I only have less than ten foundations and one of them is already layering! (oil goes above the colored part)

    Beauty By Telie

    1. Yeah i'm surprised about that none of the layering has happened.

  18. This has just made me want to try some of these even more but especially the Revlon nearly naked if its a dupe for Nars sheer glow!

  19. I only have two foundations. I need to stock up on mine. It's just that with my oily skin, it's really hard to find "the one".

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. I have very dry skin i am constantly exfoliating etc eurgh.

  20. i agree with you on the ysl foundation, its great! you need to try the georgio armani luminous silk, its my go to evening foundation!

    1. OOO now this is one I have never tried. Wish list!

  21. This is such a good idea for a post! The only one i've tried out of those is the Rimmel one so it's good to hear what the others are like.

    Hannah x

    1. Thanks Hannah. What did you think of the Rimmel one? x

  22. You have quite a few here but I know what you mean, I have about five at the moment, all of which I use however I can't help buy more just to see if I can find something that trumps the previous.

    Have you tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum? One of my all time favourites right there.

    I'd love to own YSL Touche Eclat :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  23. Ah this is the best post I have read all day (I'm catching up and have read loads too!) I have only recently really started using foundation and it's always hard to know where to start but this guide is so great and clear I have a little list of what I want to try next! So thanks for sharing Laura!

    Ash :-)


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