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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Beauty - Things I Suck At.

What a beautiful Saturday for most of the UK.  I took the kiddiewinkles to the beach for the day and let them run wild, whilst I caught up on my favourite blog reading - though myself have lost my mojo  and have been suffering from major bloggers block  So tonight's post is a tag, hope you don't mind!? 

Beauty Things I Suck At!  
It is really non specific but here are a few of my beauty woes:

I am absolutely terrible at applying this.  My hands seem to shake a lot when I try to do it and my eyes blink uncontrollably, I swear it takes me forever to get it right.  I find it the most frustrating thing about  make up application.

Washing my Make up Brushes
I have to say, you really would be disgusted with me over the length of time I take to wash my brushes.  It is always a job I 'put off for another day'.  I really should take more pride over this.

Fake tanning
I always end up with nasty orange patches on my elbows, they are so ghastly.  How do I get rid of these - I do exfoliate and moisturise prior to the task?

I once shaved half of my right eyebrow off with an electric facial hair trimmer. It has never looked the same since and I have to take a lot of time adjusting it to make it look even.  It is a daily chore of mine.

Night Cream
I have so many night cream products but never remember to apply them, complete laziness on my part -I wonder why I have dry skin in the mornings and resemble a lot older looking woman (nice swerve).

Eye Shadow
I like to think that I am ok at this actually however, there is always one eye that looks far better than the other - also blow drying my hair, my left side always looks 10 times better than the right.

Well there you have it.  What are your beauty frustrations?

I am still lacking in inspiration so if you have any requests please let me know.
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  1. Love this idea for a post! May just have to do a tag and do it myself for something fun :)

  2. Haha, washing brushes? Who does that haha, yea I am pretty terrible with that one too!

  3. I love these kind of posts! I agree with the eyeshadow one eye ALWAYS looks better!! So annoying.


  4. Love this post! I suck at doing eyebrows too and using products I have - I always forget I have them and then vow to use them, and then forget again haha! X

  5. I love tags! I am also terrible at eyeliner and eyeshadow. It just never seems to look right to me- although we are our own worst critics.

    The Grass Skirt

  6. I am terrible at applying fake lashes, I can't do it!

    I am an eyeshadow fiend, but I too usually end up with one eye looking better than the other. I just ignore it, lol :)

    And yes, I am clueless when it comes to my eyebrows :(

  7. I suck at eyeliner so so much. My wings never look the same. It literally takes me about 15 minutes just to make the wings right.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  8. I also suck at eyeliner and i won't dare go near fake tan for my fear of coming out bright orange and patchy.

    jess xx

  9. This is a great post idea! I probably suck at eyeshadows the most. My eyes either come out looking really flat o uneven.

  10. Great post! As for ideas, I've only been following your blog for a few months so I don't know all the posts you've done before, but how about a lipstick collection or something like that?

    Bea xx

  11. I think I'm terrible at eye-shadow, I can never really get it blended nicely.

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  12. great post, i am really bad at washing my makeup brushes as well! i just never want to do it xxxx

  13. Definitely washing brushes and getting even eyebrows/eyes are also weak spots of mine!

    A Colourful Mess

  14. I'm absolute rubbish at fake tan too - can never get it right so I don't apply it anymore!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  15. Love the post, it is nice to know you aren't perfect at everything! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  16. I've just done a post like this :)
    With the fake tan I moisturise before and after application. Still goes orange sometimes but nevermind!

  17. I'm so bad at washing my brushes! Glad to know it's not just me xx

    Blush & Bunting

  18. Oh, eyeliner is one of my beauty frustrations definitely!


  19. I struggle to apply eyeliner as well, If only someone would invent eye liner for dummies!!

  20. I did one of these posts a few months ago. I'm really bad at eyeliner and washing my make up brushes too. I know it's bad but...ooops!

    Emma | World of dilEMMA

  21. Oh Laura it happened the same to my left eyebrow, it was a wax stripe though!
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
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    (Please don't forget to follow me back via Bloglovin, if you haven't already. Huge thanks!)

  22. I suck at fake tanning and eye shadow application such is life :) x


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