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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lovely Advertisers

Wow, it is officially the last day in June and I cannot believe it!  This year is just going too fast.  As always at the end of the month I like to showcase my lovely Monthly Advertisers and their beautiful blogs.  I always enjoy these types of posts as it is really great to discover a new blog read, so if you have time please do give them a visit, you never know you may find an undiscovered favourite.  

Rachel Jones is a  beauty addict and 'self proclaimed nerd' from Liverpool.  Her stunning blog 'Emerald Skies', shares Rachel's love of pretty things and her in depth reviews are one of my favourite evening reads. 

Hello lovely readers! My name is Zoe & I'm from a small island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. I'm 19 years old & an university student trying to make something of myself. My blog is all about beauty, fashion and student tips and rambles of university life. If you could go ahead and check it out, that would be incredible. Thank you!  

Zoe .x

My name is Laura, I am a trainee solicitor, soon to be fully qualified solicitor and a part-time blogger I am from Scotland and currently live in Glasgow with my Chow Chow, Yogi.

The Fashion & Beauty Obsession is a blog that primarily focuses on fashion and beauty - the name pretty much says it all. I wanted to do a blog that focused on up to date fashion and beauty news, outfit creations, celebrity style on a budget and hot sales and discounts. I wanted to prove that we can still look as great as the latest celeb but still live within our means, after all we can't all afford Christian Louboutin or Yves Saint Laurent, right?

I started whilst at university. It has been running for just over 3 years although I took a considerable break from it (2 years) and have now returned after getting the blogging itch once again.

When I am not at work or blogging I love catching up with my favourite tv shows - Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Real Housewives series and Vampire Diaries (I adore Vampire Diaries). I am addicted to Netflix - too many Tv Shows to keep up with.

When I am not tuned into the TV, you can normally find me with my boyfriend, Greg. You will see him on the blog from time to time. I enjoy doing what most folks like to do - Cinema, Restaurants, Bars etc.

I am a huge fan of Celtic Football Club, a football/soccer team who play in Glasgow, and go to all the home games with my dad :)

Laura xxx

Come over and Meet Isabel, this little beauty is a fashion fanatic and has recently completed a fashion and business program, Isabel also has an extensive nail varnish collection.  Here are Izzy's links

HI lovelies! My name is Katie and I blog over at Beauty and the Baker. A slight addiction to watching YouTube tutorials led me to lots of gorgeous blogs and inspired me to start my own. I've been doing it for 4 months now and loving every second!

Beauty and the Baker has a real mix of Beauty, Recipes and the odd post on my naughty pet degus! If you drop by to say hi, be sure to enter my International MAC Giveaway. I love it when my lovely readers leave me a comment or email me for a bit of a chat, so feel free to get in touch and say hi.

Beauty & The Baker  Blog Lovin  Twitter @beautybakerblog

I'm Beth, a teen from London with a bit of an obsession with all things beautiful. If you're into make-up reviews, tags, a few (rare) outfit posts and quite a few experimental nail designs, take a look. I'd love have some new people in my little blogger community so come on over and we can all have a bit of a natter :) xx

Tasha from Belleza Kisses is one of my favourite bloggers, she is so friendly and easy to chat with here are Tasha's links   

Hi, i'm Leslie, a New York City Gal with an addiction to all things pretty.  Bravenezz is my little retreat on the web to share with you my daily thoughts and ramblings, so please pop over and say hello.  Love Leslie xx 

Laura from 'Lola and Behold' is a 24 beauty fanatic from Sussex.  I love her blog, it is adorable and definitely one to check out.  Here are Laura's links:  


My blog - A Year Of Health & Beauty - is all about how I use beauty to overcome my depression & anxiety. I regularly do honesty posts & many beauty posts (including hauls, reviews, tutorials etc) And I'm soon to start Youtube! Scary... I recently had a new blog design done and I'd love you's to check it out! Watch out for my next big giveaway when I hit my 200 Bloglovin' target.. It wont be one to miss! Would love it if you took a look :-) 

Thanks, Meg xxx

My name is Amy and I run a blog all about make up and skincare with the occasional lifestyle post creeping in there too. Starting up my beauty blog allowed me to escape the somewhat academic lifestyle I had at university, allowing to delve into all things girly outside of the geography lectures. Over the last year I have found myself gaining such an interest in make up and nail art, yet it is skincare where my main interest is growing daily. I really love running my blog and interacting with so many wonderful people :)

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  1. Great post! I can't wait to check out the blogs here I haven't seen before :-)
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    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

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