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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

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Leslie is a New York gal who has a passion for pretty things and has a great knack for nail art, which she is kind enough to do tutorials on.  Addicted to shopping and a love for lipgloss.  Bravenezz is Leslie's space on the web and was inspired by an Angel, dedicated to her niece, Jalyn Molano who was sadly taken from this world prematurely in June 2007.  You can read Jalyn's story here

Keep up with Leslie:
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Rachel Jones is a  beauty addict and 'self proclaimed nerd' from Liverpool.  Her stunning blog Emerald Skies shares Rachel's love of pretty things and her in depth reviews are one o my favourite evening reads.  I particularly enjoyed her review on Maybeline Color Show Polka dot nail polish which she posted yesterday.  

Keep up with Rachel:
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Not only is Katie a beauty lover but she loves to bake.  Beauty and the Baker blog has everything you need to keep you hooked - It is better than a magazine.  Katie's product reviews are detailed and the photography is lovely.  If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely love her Malteser Brownie recipe, my mouth was watering just reading it.  So much so, I nearly fell off the diet band wagon.  

Keep up with Katie:
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Tasha from Belleza Kisses is one of the loveliest bloggers I have met and her blog has recently undergone a  little facelift - it is gorgeous.   

Tasha has just shared with us what she received in her May Ipsy Bag - I am really jealous as we don't get these bags in the UK and it looks amazing for spring.  

Keep up with Tasha
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Jessica's blog is epitome of a girly girls blog, so beautiful.  Jessica has a love of the colour Pink and Glitter. A self confessed shoppaholic who enjoys reviewing bath products, lip balms, makeup to name but a few.  

Jessica recently reached 50 followers which is amazing.  Her blog has grown so much since March and she is celebrating with a giveaway - enter here

Keep up with Jessica
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Becky is a 23 year old English girl who loves baking, makeup and fashion.  Becky describes her blog Beauty to Bakes as very diverse and I totally agree.  This is what I particularly love about her blog, it is very entertaining.  I really enjoyed Becky's May Favourites post and how she laid out her pictures, read all about it here and I am also really liking her 'Snap a Day' challenge for June.  

Keep up with Becky
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Beth is your typical British Teen. A makeup obsessed beauty who loves to shop in Boots and Superdrug!  Instead of watching TV though, Beth is hooked on You Tube, keeping up to date with all the beauty gurus and a particular favourite of Beth's is the lovely Zoella - I must agree.  

Beth dip dyed her hair this month and it was by far my favourite so I am sharing it here 

Keep up with Beth

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  1. Love these posts, looking at all these blogs now! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Loving these posts, great way to find new blogs xx

  3. Awww thanks for the nice words made my eyes teary. I'll check out the other blogs too :)

    Thanks love :)

  4. Yay! New blogs to have a look at. I love all of their banners

    Seaside Beauty

  5. Aw thank you so much for the lovely words <3 xx


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