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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Inside my Makeup Bag

 This post is Pictureffic so bear with it. 
Image of Soap & Glory Archery
This is my favourite product for my eyebrows, it helps you tint and sculpt your brows with ease using this dual ended pen. 

Image of Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Every makeup bag should have one, I wouldn't go away with out it.  It is multi purpose, quite often ill use Crave for eyeliner, and Venus for highlighting.  I won this in Makeup Pixi3 1000 follower giveaway and will definitely repurchase this product myself.  
Image of Nars sheer glow foundation and radiant creamy concealer

These are new products in my makeup bag, I will review them separately but I am in love.  I received these from Miss Makeup Magpie, they weren't the right colour for her skin tone.  Luckily these shades are perfect for me.  
Image of Mac Cream Colour Base in Hush
Literally the best highlighter I have ever owned. Multipurpose you really would fall for this. I reviewed it here earlier last week.  
Image of Loreal Paris Double Extension Mascara
This is my 'go to' Mascara of the moment.  If you want long 'wowzer' lashes this is the mascara for you. I have been asked if i'm wearing falsies a lot whilst wearing this gem.  The white end is a base for your lashes which primes them before applying the actual product. 
Image of Cargo Cosmetics Colour Stick Maui
Favourite summer cream blush stick. I love to wear cream blushes/bronzers in the spring and summer months for a healthy dewy glow.  Teamed up with my MAC Hush it is stunning the two really work well together
Image of Soap & Glory Hand Food
Are your hands hungry?  Feed them.  I love Soap & Glories hand food for keeping my hands nourished and simply satisfied. 
Image of MAC Lipstick Angel
This everyday subtle nudey pink shade is ideal for the perfect nude look.  I have reviewed this lovely here in full.  
image of Cargo Eye Pencil
There is nothing better than a brown eye pencil to soften the eyes
image of rimmel stay matte powder
In my opinion this is the best powder on the market - don't waste your pennies buying anything more expensive.  I wear this on my T-zone during the summer months as this is the area I want the least amount of sheen. 

My Favourite Brushes - Various
Most of us have loads of makeup brushes, but will probably find we only actually use a select few regularly these are my favourites:

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (i'm not sure if you can buy this seperately but I got it within the 'Core Colelction Kit)  £17.50  - I use this to apply my foundation - always as I feel it give me the best coverage.
Real Tecniques Contour brush (also receieved in the Core Collection Kit) - I use this to apply my powder in my T-Zone

Real Techniques Shading Brush £7.00 - ideal for highlighting the brow bone

Cargo Magic Brush £24 - this is a multipurpose brush and literally use it for my highlighter and bronzer, you just need to wipe it and its ready for the next product it is bloomin brilliant

ECO TOOLS  Bamboo Eyeshadow brush £4.48 Most used eyeshadow brush by far

These are the other brushes I use daily and love them

Image of Soleil Tan De Chanel
This is pricey but is the most luxurious item a girl could own. It is the creamiest bronzer in the world and gives the most natural golden glow.  I highly recommend if you do not own this to either treat yourself or ask your person to treat it to you.   The epitome of beauty.

Sorry this post was so long but i'm I enjoy seeing inside makeup bags so thought I would share with you my current pics.  What is inside yours?  If you have written a post as always leave me your links.x

 photo 2d5c5e3d-815b-4dd3-b88e-5d76e8c0a68b_zps88fd8d8c.jpg
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  1. Great post! I love having a sneak peek into others makeup bags. I want to have a try of the Nars concealer!

  2. I love my revlon stay matte powder too! Use it every day.

  3. I have a lot in mine, but I think the main things are a MAC lipstick in Creme Cup, Maybelline colour tattoo in On & On bronze and a Garnier BB Cream.

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle
    Bree :)

  4. Such a lovely post!
    I own MAC's Angel my self and tend to use it on days when I want to go for that Natural Look with a pink-nude lip!
    I have seen that Rimmel Powder all over other blogs too! I might have to pop into my local drugstore here and look for it!
    Lovely post, love seeing what others keep in their makeup bags!

    Stefy ♥ x
    UK Beauty + Fashion Blog
    TWEET ME! @stefpuglisevich

  5. Fab posts! I've been itching to try the Chanel Bronzer but I'm a pale lady so I'm not too sure... Hmmmm! xx

  6. I really want to try Archery, it looks amazing! xx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. Gorgeous products! Might have to purchase a few myself. Love the mac highlighter.


  8. I love Nars blushes, but I've never tried their foundation - I think I need to now! xo

  9. Ohh some great products in there, including some I'm going to have to add to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Great post! You have a lot of really wonderful products in your bag.

  11. I need to try that archery eyebrow pencil and the mac highlighter :)
    Great post!



  12. I want to try the Nars foundation and concealer!

    Seaside Beauty

  13. Love your posts!! One of my FAVS!! :)

    Stay tuned for a new makeup tutorial on my blog:


  14. You have amazing stuff in your bag. Love the RT brushes and Urban Decay palette.
    I have done a what's in my travel makeup bag video recently.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  15. It's always fun to see what other people use on a regular basis. I'm curious about the Soap & Glory archery pencil. I've started buying their products through Sephora just recently and really like them. I also use MAC's creme in Hush for a highlighter. :-) If I did a post of what's in my make up bag it would be 3 pages long!

  16. I want to steal your whole bag! LOL. I cannot believe that I still don't own MAC Angel. I need to fix that ASAP!

    The Grass Skirt

  17. I want to try that Chanel bronzer. Although it's kinds pricey, it must be worth it.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  18. Love the Urban Decay palette! It's my holy grail item at the moment! Great post!

    New follower :)


    I would love it if you entered my Sephora & Zoya giveaway!

    Xo, Michelle

  19. That Chanel bronzer looks gorgeous! :) I've always wanted to try Chanel so I will definitely have to have a look at that when i'm next in John Lewis.
    I have tagged you in a post 'the seven deadly sins of beauty' it was a really fun tag, so have a look and see if it is something you would like to do :)

  20. I love the look of the Naked Basics Palette, purely I think because of the size. I would love Urban Decay to do a similar size product but for shimmers as the naked palettes are generally quite big.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing


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