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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Glossybox June 2013

Every month I eagerly await delivery of my monthly Glossybox subscription especially since I have had a few delivery issues with Birchbox in the past 2 months.   However, after reading many negative reviews about June's edition, my excitement faded.  I would normally defend Glossybox as I am usually always happy but unfortunately, this month I have to agree with the majority - for a 'Summer Looks' box, it was a bit of a glossy disappointment. 

 Boss ' Jour' 2ml Sample Full Size £49 - 50ml
I am probably one of the few who do not mind receiving perfume samples, they come in very handy when lying at the bottom of your hand bag for that last minute spruce up.  This particular sample of Boss actually smells very nice, However I have found them a bit stingy, the bottle is not even full which is a bit of a cop out. 

Helen É Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Powder Shade 13 - full size £5
You could either receive an Eye Pencil with Smudger or some Shimmer Eye Powder.  I received the powder and really would have preferred the pencil.  The bronzey powder isn't really for me (this isn't Glossy's fault) but on top of it the packaging feels really cheap and looks a little tacky.  It is safe to say that this will get shoved in a drawer and won't be looked at so if anyone wants it let me know. 

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm Coco Rose full size £5
I was quite excited when I saw this unfortunately, when I tried this, I didn't like the texture, it had no taste and it smelt like a REN Glycolactic Face Mask, which I don't like the scent of, though albeit does its job.  Again it wasn't a full tube, I can quite easily fold the top over an inch.  

MeMeMe Long Lasting Gloss full size £5
Alas, a light at the end of the tunnel.  I received shade35 which is a deep deep purple, and on first glance it seems to be quite a thick texture and I am looking forward to wearing it.

Sarah Chapman London Skinesis No1 Intense Hydrating Booster full size £57 - 30ml
Lastly, I received a 5ml sample of Sarah Chapman's Hydration Booster and I am actually excited about trying this out.  Anything that hydrates my skin sounds good to me.  

Yes there were a couple of items I will use, though try doing a bit better next month Glossy.  

What did you receive? Were you disappointed or happy?

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  1. I got exactly the same but with the pencil not the shimmer. I cant wait for my Birch Box this month as they have been really good lately. But i do have delivery problems with them I dont think the Courier they use are brilliant as the address labels are different every month and sometimes they don't even have my name on!

    Carrieanne x

  2. I got the exact same box and my perfume sample was like that too, I wondered if mine had spilt in the box xx

  3. If you wouldn't mind and are sure that you wouldn't use it again, I'd love the Helen E Shimmer Powder! The box does look like a disappointing, unfortunate because usually Glossyboxes are great! xo

  4. Such a same about this Glossybox. I stopped it after about a year as I got so bored of recieving skin creams & oils!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  5. It does seem to lack the certain oomph and exciting products it normally offers. Shame.


  6. Hi I would love the shimmer powder if its still available xx

  7. Hi I would love the shimmer powder if its still available xx

  8. Such a shame isn't it? And I think the nail polish is nice, but a bit of a wintery colour - I would have preferred something more summery! xoxo

    100 Follower Giveaway: Essie, Urban Decay, Soap & Glory, Lush!

  9. This looks like a good box to me I would loved to have had the Sarah Chapman moisturiser that looks nice.
    Everything I got was different apart from I got the Figs & Rouge lip balm in the other colour which I love.

    To see what treats I got please check out my blog at:

    Jodie x

  10. That blows. hope you like the lipstick and gloss

  11. Hmm, yea doesn't look that good, hey at least it's still in business, Glossybox Canada shut down a week ago lol

  12. I love the nail polish you got! Much prettier than my one

    Seaside Beauty

  13. I didn't like my box this month either, I've put a post up about it.
    They need to up their game next month!
    I do like the nail polish!
    chanelle jade x

  14. Glossy box posts are some of my favorite to read because they always have such good things! Sad to hear this month's didn't live up to the expectation. xx Rena

    Kiss and Make Up

  15. I really want to try the lip balm, it sounds so nice! xx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  16. I'm starting to become even more glad that I unsubscribed from Glossybox! Definitely going to stick with my BeautEco boxes.

    Emma | World of dilEMMA

  17. I wonder if the US's Glossy Box's are different? Because that doesn't look like a great box! I've heard about BirchBox...wonder if I should subscribe to that instead?! Hmmm...


  18. It's a shame that this was so disappointing as you paid out money for it :( I steer away from anything like this, I've only ever had two beauty boxes and I wasn't impressed with either.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  19. That's such a shame! I unsubscribed completely a while ago because I ket being disappointed.

    Hannah x

  20. Oh wow, your box was completely different to mine!! You look so short changed in your box this month, I would've been really disappointed :(

    Sara - Pretty In Pink

  21. I personally prefer BeautecoBox where you actually get to see and chose the contents. I signed up this month and I'm really happy with the products I got. :)

    Olivia xxx
    Missyi's World of Beauty...


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