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Monday, 17 June 2013

Birchbox June 2013

I received my Birchbox on Saturday morning and I have to say that this month it beats Glossy Box hands down.  
I would like to start by saying I am loving the Birchbox redesign, I love the new colours and the bag is  a lot softer and better quality than the previous pink one.  
June 2013 Birchbox
 This is what I received in my box for June.  

Model Co. Eye Define Eye Pencil with built in sharpener - Black 01
This is a nice piece to receive, you can never go wrong with a black eyeliner - the fact it has a built in sharpener is an added bonus, goodness knows how many times I have misplaced one!  

Carole Franck - Paris - Hydrating Moisturiser
I will give this a go, my skin gets very dry - anything to boost the moisture is good in my book.  

Green People Organic Sun Cream 15 SPF
Ok, a little boring, not what I want to see in a beauty box though it will come in handy when/if the hotter weather sets in.  

Beauty Protector - Leave in Conditioner
I am currently fighting with my hair,  it is in desperate need of tlc so I will definitely give this product a whirl and it smells really good. 

Color Club Professional Nail Laquer
Now, I think I was given an 'extra' one by accident as when reading other reviews, everyone seems to have only one - not that i'm complaining.  I just wondered if it was a mistake.  Let me know if you got 2 also.  

I got 'MOD in Manhattan' which is the nice creamy colour and the other is 'London Calling'  which is a minty green.  I love them both and I really like their names too. 

There you have it - my June Birchbox.  What did you get in yours?

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  1. This looks like a fab box this month xx

  2. great review!


  3. I got exactly the same as you. Have you tried London Calling yet?

  4. lovely mint green nailpolish!
    xx Stephanie (

  5. I got the exact same but my pump on the leave in conditioner doesn't work

    I liked both the boxes i received this month

    Carrieanne x

  6. I'm really digging the bag that the products came in! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  7. I want a birchbox but we don't get it in our country :(

  8. those polishes look pretty!

  9. Everyone gets two your suppose to give one to a friend thats why it comes in the pastel green pouch however most people are keeping both. I got the same shade so I won't be.

    Kate - Sparkle Dust x

  10. this looks quite good, though I'm not tempted to subscribe to any boxes just yet :) xx

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  11. This looks good! I have that eyeliner I find it great for my waterline x

  12. I got 2 polishes too, though I read on my card/magazine that everyone was meant to have 2? I got the creamy off white colour and a neon yet pastel-y coral :) xx

  13. I really want to subscribe to birchbox/ glossy box. This post has made me lean a little towards birch box. Thanks for the informative post.


  14. I suspended my Birchbox to try BeautyArmy a few months back. (I try to limit myself to 2 boxes a month). But I'm pretty sure it's time to go back to Birchbox. They were my first ever subscription box and I love them!
    Kallie But First, Coffee

  15. This seems like a decent box, I really like the nail polishes.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  16. Love the nail polish colours, they look so pretty! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  17. I'm loving the color club polishes, I got the neon mint/apple green one and a pinky/purple neon, to and I can't stop looking at my nails haha xx

  18. Lovely box! Really want a color club polish x

  19. lovely things the mint green polish is so pretty x

  20. looks like a great box! i wish birchbox would make its way to canada!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  21. You must try the hair conditioner, it's amazing!!

    Maddy @


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