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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Neve Blushissimi Palette Review

The Neve Blushissimi Palette is a blush and contour palette in one.  10 x 3g of high quality, highly pigmented, vitamin enriched shades under one 'roof'.    

'Ten multi-color pressed naturally radiant hues. 
Shades created to define, enhance and give a fresh and healthy look to the face. The Blushissimi palette contains everything you need to enhance your face at every opportunity: an illuminating two multi-purpose blush bronzer and seven different color and finish.'

This has been my 'go to' palette for this month - and my favourite thing about the Blushissimi palette is that it can be used wet and dry.  When using the palette dry - you obviously get a nice powder finish and when adding a touch of moisture the powders transform into the creamiest form.   I like to use the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics (Formerly BM Beauty) 'Prime & Create Mixing Medium' - I received a sample of it in my Glossybox last month (which you can read about here) and it is fab for mixing with.  I am loving a dewy look at the moment so the Blushissimi palette is perfect for my Spring/Summer routine.  In the winter I use powders more, so this is an all rounder.  

My daily pics tend to be Lotus for blush, Bikini for bronzing and Plastic for highlighting (all used wet).  However, I do love playing around with all of the shades. 

L-R - Jam, Emoticon, Sunset, Lotus, Starfish
L-R - Plastic, California, Chocoholic, Passionfruit, Bikini

The packaging is simplistic and durable, there is nothing worse than flimsy packaging e.g. one knock and your makeup is ruined.  I feel quite confident that this won't happen with the Neve Blushissimi compact it as it is super solid. 

√ no, silicones, glycerin, parabens nor petrolatum. 
√ formula wet & dry, maximum versatility. 
√ non-comedogenic. 
√ Made in Italy. 
√ cruelty free: tested on makeup artists, not on animals! 

Have you tried Neve Products before?  You can buy this palette from Cocktail Cosmetics who stock a wide range of Neve Products.  

 photo 2d5c5e3d-815b-4dd3-b88e-5d76e8c0a68b_zps88fd8d8c.jpg
*this product was sent to me for review and as always my opinions, photos etc are my own. 

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  1. These colours look amazing!

    Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

  2. The colors look amazing! I really like Starfish! I never heard of Neve before but I'm sure I can find it online! xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  3. It looks gorgeous, super pretty! Xxx

  4. It looks lovely!

  5. I like the packaging, it looks very compact!

  6. This has such gorgeous colours! I am obsessed with palettes love having so much choice !



  7. This looks like a fab palette, particularly loving the bronze shades x

    Amy / srslylou

  8. Ooooh this looks lovely! :) Such a great palette x

  9. These look great - the colours look fab especially the neutral colours :) x

  10. Lovely colors... :P

    Following you via GFC, hope you follow back as well. :)

  11. Wow this is a great pallete of blushes!!

  12. I always have trouble getting my blusher to stay on all day. How long do these last for?

    Uncover the Untold

  13. What a beautiful palette. Definitely would suit my tastes that's for sure. May have to invest on payday. M x

  14. Oooh that looks absolutely beautiful! Especially Jam, it's a lovely colour.

    Emma | World of dilEMMA

  15. This is so pretty! The colour Starfish is lovely! Never tried anything by this brand, love the fact it's more natural xx

  16. That looks like an amazing blush palette, such a pretty selection of colors! Thanks so much for the follow - following you back! :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  17. This looks like a lovely palette! Love that it's free from chemical nasties too :)

    Ria x

  18. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment and for following my blog!! It means so much to me and I'm so happy to have you there <3 Also, this really does look like a gorgeous palette; great review! I've never heard of this brand before so I'll have to check them out further :)


  19. I have never heard of this brand before but this blush palette looks absolutely gorgeous. It's nice how you can use it both wet and dry because I love using cream blushers in the summer and powder ones during winter.

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    You have such a lovely blog, so I'm now a follower :)

    Kah-Feh Yen


  20. I've never heard of this brand before but this palette looks so lovely! All of the shades are beautiful.

    Hannah x

  21. This looks so lovely. Such a huge range of colours for a bargain price! <3

    Jennie xo //

  22. These blushes are gorgeous!

  23. Emoticon is a pretty shade :D
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines


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