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Friday, 24 May 2013

Meet Emerald Skies

Miss Rachel Jones of Emerald Skies is the most gorgeous, 21 year old red headed girl I have ever met in my life.   So much so, I was a little scared to show her picture to my husband - who has a thing for reds :-)

Emerald Skies began  in November last year - not the first blog for Miss Rachel, however Rachel decided she wanted to start a fresh - we all love fresh starts.  

Meet Rachel

I'm Rachel Mary Alice Jones; a 21 year old beauty addict self proclaimed nerd from Liverpool, UK.I'm currently a Project Officer at Dyslexia Foundation, a job which a I adore! However all views on my blog are of course my own :-) I'm a cosmetics and skincare fanatic and I absolutely love sharing my views with the hope of helping other people to make a decision about buying certain products, and always giving my honest opinion! if you drink a lot of tea then we'll get on just fine. My blog mainly centres around beauty and lifestyle, but i also enjoy post-hardcore music, fantasy literature, video games (tweet me for my ps3, 3ds, and wii friend codes/PSN ID!!) and the odd football match! 
My hair changes colour more often and the weather - I've been pink, purple, blonde, red, blue, auburn... you name it. So if you have ANY questions at all about haircare or safe colouring please get in touch - it's my "speciality" so to speak

Emerald Skies was a favourite daily read of mine before I had the honour of advertising fro her.  

This blog is not only a fantastic read but it is elegant, sophisticated and chic.  I love the simplicity in Rachel's layout - love a black and white back ground as you will all know! 

My favourite posts this month from Rachel have been :-

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Review - Read here

I was particularly drawn to this review because it is a product that I have lusted after for a while now. 

I was also taken with her review of Loreal's '3 Day Wave' in their 'Elnett' range - being a fan of Elnett hairspray I was intrigued by this.  I was also drawn to the the title 'Surfs up'  - made me want to go on my holiday so badly.  You can read this review  here

Not only does Rachel have a lovely blog layout over at Emerald Skies but her photography and reviews are consistently brilliant.  

If you would like to chat with Rachel (she is very friendly), or read more of her blog then here are her social media links - you will not be disappointed. 

Hope you enjoyed this post - as always your feed back is appreciated.  

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  1. Aww, she seems so lovely! Will have to read that product review :)

  2. Looks like she has a nice blog.


  3. Just checked out her blog! I love to find new blogs to read!

  4. I just checked out her blog and it's quite amazing! Thank you for sharing new blogs! xx

    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life


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