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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dark skin tones: 6 expert tips Guest post.

Makeup for dark skin tones: Six expert tips from makeup artist Derrick Rutledge

For our dark chocolaty sisters makeup has come a long way. Companies now are not only making products to fulfill the need of those with white skin but also those with dark skin. Great makeup artists are adding their contributions and providing expert tips on makeup for darker tones. Derrick Rutledge is an expert you provided excellent tips and advice on makeup of dark skin tones. Derrick has had about 25 years of experience in accentuation the deep dark complexions. He is well versed in makeup of deep tones. In an interview he had said that he has been working for a cosmetic brand mixing and matching various colors just to find the exact solution of darker skin shades. He first launched the hair care products followed by the makeup products. The liquid foundation and the cream which will launch in May, 2013 has 24 shades of colors.

All his clients belong to the group of dark skin tones. Michelle Obama is one such client followed by Beyonce. His aim is to create flawless skin for women with dark complexion. The technique he applies on his high clientele is the dewy or the natural look. He achieves these looks by using three different kind of foundation- the light, medium and the dark one. These three shades are mixed and applied according to the need of his clients. For covering the chin and the under eye with foundation he used lighter shades of foundation to highlight to keep a natural effect. He then goes to narrate experiences when he says that it becomes difficult at the start to understand the shade of the foundation as what is displayed on the card does not always match with what is there inside the package. Therefore he advises people with darker skin tone to visit the shop and check you which foundation best suits her. Rutledge says she must try it in the shop without feeling afraid or embarrassed or if possible get home a sample which is even better.

Expert tip three is about the eyebrows. Derrick Rutledge says that eyebrow is any important part of the face. It might give a brilliant look and it can even give a bad look. When giving the eyebrows a shape he therefore requests women to do little research from magazines or even he might ask some professionals. Better say the expert draw your eyebrows with a pencil so that you get the exact idea of how your eyebrow should look like and which shape looks best on you .Rutledge then advises women to use a pucker to pluck the extra eyebrows below the line to get the perfect desired eyebrow.

Accentuate your lips
Rutledge says that a deep red lip looks best over people with dark complexion. The desired red color can be got only when many shades of red are mixed together. He at the same time says that lip should be lined with red brown liner to make the lip look prominent. He says that women with darker complexion should always apply lip color from the centre and spread outside and finally top it with gloss.

This are some expert tips people of darker complexion should adhere to for best look.

About the Author:
The above article is written by CJ who specializes with skin care products as well as non-surgical face lift surgery and runs her own small salon. She loves to advise people with beauty and health care tips via her articles.

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