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Friday, 31 May 2013

Clarins Paris - Beauty Flash Balm (my secret weapon)

Ok so, lately I have been getting a few compliments about my skin, a few have said it's flawless.  Actually, it isn't and I am no portrait but today I am sharing with you one of my secret weapons.  I am sure every lady has one.  

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Clarins Paris Beauty Flash Balm RRP £26.50

If I am having a bad week and feeling my skin is looking a little tired and dull - I automatically reach out for my flash balm.  This product can be used as a make up primer, face mask or it can be mixed into your foundation to give it an extra boost. 

Beauty Flash Balm literally makes your makeup stick to your face, it looks glowing and dewy and lasts all day.    This balm instantly makes your skin look more radiant - magic in a tube.  It is a peachy coloured creamy balm.  

This is important - if you are using this for it's main purpose - i.e skin priming you must apply your foundation or BB cream more or less immediately after application or it will turn tacky.     This is because, as I said before, it can be used as a face mask.  

Priming - directions for use - Smooth a thin layer over face.  Do not rub in (pat it on).  Apply make up immediately.  

When using as a face mask you would apply a thin layer all over the skin and let it set for 10 -15 mins and then rinse with water it energises and soothes your skin.  

It is recommended you only use the flash balm around 3 times a week, it isn't a product to use every day because you won't reap its full potential if you do this - your skin will become to accustomed to the benefits.  Like a Shampoo if you use the same one everyday your hair soon gets used to it and for some reason it stops working as well.  

By the way I noticed that 123hair & Beauty are selling this for £19.95 at the moment RRP £26.50 so a huge 26% saving (this is not a sponsored post I just happened to notice and felt this info was important)

What is your beauty secrets?  Do you wish to share them?

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

MAC Cream Colour Base - Hush Review

Mac Cream Colour Bases Hush
Mac Cream Colour Bases Hush
Mac Cream Colour Bases Hush

MAC Cream Colour Base Hush £14.50

MAC Cream Colour Bases can be used directly onto the skin, layered with foundation or on top of powder, they really are multi purpose. 

In the UK you have access to 5 lovely shades, Luna, Pearl, Hush, Shell & Improper Copper.  'Luna' being the lightest in a bright white shimmer through to 'Improper Copper' which is a a rich bronze.  The colour I am reviewing and wearing today is my favourite - Hush.

Hush Cream Colour base is a pearlescant peach shade with a frosty finish - absolutely ideal for highlighting.  I use hush on my cheekbones, brow-bones, down the centre of my nose and on my cupids bow.  It is very pretty and blends well.  I was first introduced to this product whilst watching a Pixi Woo video one evening and 'Nic' just raved about it.  Naturally, I bought it that very night and  I wouldn't be without it in my make up bag now.  It really is my favourite highlighter. 

It comes in a little circular container - like the blushes, but a good bit smaller.  It is very creamy in texture and has nice pigmentation.  I like to apply Hush with my stippling brush as I think it helps create a softer look.  

Have you tried these before, what did you think?  I am very tempted to purchase a couple more shades.
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Neve Blushissimi Palette Review

The Neve Blushissimi Palette is a blush and contour palette in one.  10 x 3g of high quality, highly pigmented, vitamin enriched shades under one 'roof'.    

'Ten multi-color pressed naturally radiant hues. 
Shades created to define, enhance and give a fresh and healthy look to the face. The Blushissimi palette contains everything you need to enhance your face at every opportunity: an illuminating two multi-purpose blush bronzer and seven different color and finish.'

This has been my 'go to' palette for this month - and my favourite thing about the Blushissimi palette is that it can be used wet and dry.  When using the palette dry - you obviously get a nice powder finish and when adding a touch of moisture the powders transform into the creamiest form.   I like to use the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics (Formerly BM Beauty) 'Prime & Create Mixing Medium' - I received a sample of it in my Glossybox last month (which you can read about here) and it is fab for mixing with.  I am loving a dewy look at the moment so the Blushissimi palette is perfect for my Spring/Summer routine.  In the winter I use powders more, so this is an all rounder.  

My daily pics tend to be Lotus for blush, Bikini for bronzing and Plastic for highlighting (all used wet).  However, I do love playing around with all of the shades. 

L-R - Jam, Emoticon, Sunset, Lotus, Starfish
L-R - Plastic, California, Chocoholic, Passionfruit, Bikini

The packaging is simplistic and durable, there is nothing worse than flimsy packaging e.g. one knock and your makeup is ruined.  I feel quite confident that this won't happen with the Neve Blushissimi compact it as it is super solid. 

√ no, silicones, glycerin, parabens nor petrolatum. 
√ formula wet & dry, maximum versatility. 
√ non-comedogenic. 
√ Made in Italy. 
√ cruelty free: tested on makeup artists, not on animals! 

Have you tried Neve Products before?  You can buy this palette from Cocktail Cosmetics who stock a wide range of Neve Products.  

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*this product was sent to me for review and as always my opinions, photos etc are my own. 

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Favourite Lips - L'oreal, Rimmel, Revlon and YSL

Hey ya!  Today I would like to share with you my favourite, most worn lip products in spring so far. 

YSL Rouge Volupte is one of my favourite reds this season, as many of you already know I am very fond of a red lip.  This lipstick is very rich, with blue undertones - I like this because it makes my teeth look whiter -  and it is extremely moisturising.  It literally glides on.  It is quite thick so you need to be careful, you only need a little for a dramatic look.  This is the most expensive on my list at £24.50, but can only be expected coming from YSL.  The lipsticks in the Volupte range are beautiful so if you are looking to splash out a bit I recommend you treat yourself to one.  

L'oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash glosses are my 'go to' gloss at the moment and in particular, shade 200 - Princess which is a lovely peachy/coral.  These are dupes for the YSL Glossy Stain at a fraction of the price.  I like these because they are non sticky and extremely build able, allowing you to wear as little or as much as you like.  This little darling will cost you £7.99.  

Rimmel London Apocalips are amazing.  The quality of the gloss is beautiful and again non sticky.  The pigmentation is amazing.  If I am wearing fairly neutral makeup, i.e. eyes and cheeks are subtle, then I like to boost my look with a flash of colour and nothing does this better than shade 303 Apocaliptic.  Unfortunately, my camera hasn't picked up the shade properly in this photo or in the swatches below, but it is actually a very bright neon pink. This costs £4.99 in the shops and comes in some super shades.  

Last but no means least, I love my Revlon Lip Butters.  My absolute favourite shade, that has appeared in numerous posts is of course 'Candy Apple' and oh look, it is red!  I wear this, I would say, 4 out of 7 days.. at least.  I love it.  The colour is beautiful, it wears well and it is moisturising.  win win win.  The Revlon Lip Butters cost £7.99 and are definitely worth investing in.  They come in many shades and have formed a staple part of my make up bag this year so far.  

L-R// Revlon, L'oreal, YSL & Rimmel

What do you think of my choices?  Do you own any of these - leave links to your favourites if you have done similar posts.  
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Lime Crime - China Doll Palette Review

Hey there, hope you all had a lovely weekend, I had some really nice family time and we took advantage of sunny Saturday by having a BBQ.    In between the family shenanigans, I got to play with this stunning Lime Crime China Doll Palette courtesy of Cocktail Cosmetics.   

Lime Crime China Doll Palette

Lime Crime China Doll Palette // £23.95*

Lime Crime China Doll Palette

The Lime Crime China Doll Palette, isn't one I would have chosen for myself because it is so bright and I normally go for neutrals - it just goes to show how wrong one can be.  This palette is bright, bold and beautiful.  Each of the 5 individual shades are so pigmented that you only need the slightest dab of a brush and the powder glides onto the lid effortlessly.  

I had a lot of fun playing around with the colours on the China Doll palette as you can see from the picture below.  My inspiration for this look was the Colours of the Caribbean - as little bit of sunshine in Scotland goes to your head.   A short time after this photo I was sipping a Cosmo on my deckchair, strategically moving it into the sun every time a cloud threatened to disturb my bliss.  

Lime Crime are a fantastic brand, I find them not dissimilar to Urban Decay - with the use of their flamboyant colours, the quality of their eyeshadows is brilliant. 

Have you tried the China Doll Palette before - what are your thoughts?  Cocktail Cosmetics have a huge array of brands at reasonable prices.  So if you fancy something unquie and distinctive go and have a look yourself.  I'm addicted. 

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Meet Emerald Skies

Miss Rachel Jones of Emerald Skies is the most gorgeous, 21 year old red headed girl I have ever met in my life.   So much so, I was a little scared to show her picture to my husband - who has a thing for reds :-)

Emerald Skies began  in November last year - not the first blog for Miss Rachel, however Rachel decided she wanted to start a fresh - we all love fresh starts.  

Meet Rachel

I'm Rachel Mary Alice Jones; a 21 year old beauty addict self proclaimed nerd from Liverpool, UK.I'm currently a Project Officer at Dyslexia Foundation, a job which a I adore! However all views on my blog are of course my own :-) I'm a cosmetics and skincare fanatic and I absolutely love sharing my views with the hope of helping other people to make a decision about buying certain products, and always giving my honest opinion! if you drink a lot of tea then we'll get on just fine. My blog mainly centres around beauty and lifestyle, but i also enjoy post-hardcore music, fantasy literature, video games (tweet me for my ps3, 3ds, and wii friend codes/PSN ID!!) and the odd football match! 
My hair changes colour more often and the weather - I've been pink, purple, blonde, red, blue, auburn... you name it. So if you have ANY questions at all about haircare or safe colouring please get in touch - it's my "speciality" so to speak

Emerald Skies was a favourite daily read of mine before I had the honour of advertising fro her.  

This blog is not only a fantastic read but it is elegant, sophisticated and chic.  I love the simplicity in Rachel's layout - love a black and white back ground as you will all know! 

My favourite posts this month from Rachel have been :-

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Review - Read here

I was particularly drawn to this review because it is a product that I have lusted after for a while now. 

I was also taken with her review of Loreal's '3 Day Wave' in their 'Elnett' range - being a fan of Elnett hairspray I was intrigued by this.  I was also drawn to the the title 'Surfs up'  - made me want to go on my holiday so badly.  You can read this review  here

Not only does Rachel have a lovely blog layout over at Emerald Skies but her photography and reviews are consistently brilliant.  

If you would like to chat with Rachel (she is very friendly), or read more of her blog then here are her social media links - you will not be disappointed. 

Hope you enjoyed this post - as always your feed back is appreciated.  

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