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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pamper Yourself

Wouldn't you just love to be able to go to a Spa once a week to wind down and relax? Unfortunately the majority of us busy ladies live in the real world - some of us have never even seen inside a SPA (I would hold my hand up to admit this if I weren't typing).

However, I think it is essential that us girls take one evening a week to bring the SPA to us.  It is terribly difficult sometimes to find some time to yourself, especially if like me you have children, or a hectic job.   It is important to have some r&r - try allocating one night a week to yourself, even if it is only for half an hour.  A happy mind is a healthy one.

This is what I recommend:-

First and utmost foremost, remove ALL evidence of Children, Husbands, Brothers or Sisters and replace with some of your personal luxury items.

My Personal Choice
Olbas Bath Oil
Body Shop Warming Mask
Dove Body Moisturiser
EOS Lip Balm
Barry M Gelly Nail Polish
Exfoliating Gloves
Favourite Scented Candles
Glass of something Fizzy
My typical pamper night is on a Wednesday around 9 O'Clock when the hustle and bustle of dinner, homework and the bedtime routine is out of the way.  I run myself a cosy bubble bath, light my favourite candles and pour myself something cold to drink - usually wine!!  

My essential relaxation aid is  - Olbas Bath.  Olbas bath soak is therapeutic, relaxes all your muscles and relieves any tension.  If you have a cold the fragrance helps soothe a blocked up nose thus helping you sleep well later.  The packaging isn't any thing special but the product is amazing.

I apply my Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask (which leaves your skin clean and glowing), shave my legs and use my exfoliating gloves to get rid of any rough skin on my legs, feet, knees and elbows.

I leave the mask on for around 10 minutes and then rinse off using a warm face cloth.  I then apply my EOS Strawberry lip balm.

I normally lie in the bath for around 30 minutes or just before i'm about to turn into a Mermaid.  Afterwards I apply my favourite nail varnish, which at the moment is Barry M Gelly Nails in Blood Orange and then moisturise my entire body in Dove Summer Glow.

Dove Summer Glow is great for leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished and this one has the added benefit of a gradual self tan - which I like to use edging into spring to give that sun kissed look.  I only use this in the evening though, as it does have that self tan smell so it would need to be rinsed off with your shower in the morning.    There is always something lovely about having a healthy tanned glow, I think it makes you feel better altogether - especially if you are like me really pale (or how us Scots would describe as 'Peeley Wally'

By the time all of this is done I feel fresh but nicely tired - I always sleep very well on a Wednesday night!!





  2. Sounds lovely Laura - I should try and do this sort of thing more often but it's usually a quick 'jump in the shower' every evening before dinner - after which I'm usually shattered midweek! Although Saturday evening just gone I got to shave my legs and sort my feet out. scrub, moisturiser the lot - get me! xx

  3. I envy you your bath my dear. We have a lovely flat with a shower large enough, I swear, to throw a small cocktail party in. But alas, no tub. I have to admit though, my darling hubby has two or three bottles of product in said shower/party cubicle. I on the other hand, have .... I think at last count it was...12? My days of fighting for space beside bottles of Mr Bubble and tub toys is long past.

    Your idea is wonderful though. I've always thought a woman should have a bathroom that she and she alone has the use of. Surely that's no asking too much. Especially if, like you, your the only girl in the place. I can't imagine what it's like living in a house where the toilet seat is continually left up and no one but you notices that the towels don't dry while screwed up in a ball on the floor.

    Ali x

  4. Ah, I definitely would need just time for myself. I have been so busy with work and university, that I barely have free time for my boyfriend or even blogging!
    I have just now stumbled across your blog and I definitely like what I have seen so far!
    You have a great blog and I enjoy reading your posts! Anyways maybe you might consider following each other? :)
    Have a lovely day!


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