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Friday, 5 April 2013

Inside my Weekend Break Makeup Bag

This weekend we are taking the kids away to Drayton Manor Theme Park near Birmingham, any of you been?    I personally would have preferred a Spa break - but this is what happens when you live in a house full of boys! 

I am not looking forward to the 8/9 hour drive. 

As always when going away, I am sure i'm not alone here, choosing your going away makeup is quite the dilema!  To some it may be trivial but it took me ages to decide and even though I was quite strict, trying to travel light, there still seems to be so much.  However, I will use it all so that = essential items .  When trying to justify this to my husband he simply rolled his eyes and said 'whatever makes you happy ♡'  .  I then heard him say as he walked away 'happy wife, happy life' cheeky!  ♥

Are you the same as me or do you travel light? 

I am back on Monday but keep your eyes peeled for a couple of lovely guest posts ♡♡♥♥



  1. Hope you have a lovely weekend break! I'm the same I can never decide what to take on a trip away x

  2. Im the same - Im dog/house sitting atm and not even going anywhere but I still had to pick carefully what I had to take! Have a fab time! xoxo

  3. Hope you have a lovely break away :)) I don't envy a 9 hour car journey though!! I can travel light amazingly but it's always nice to have choices xx

  4. I can never pack light! Even when I go for a weekend at my boyfriends I end up packing wayy too much! x

  5. Depends what you define as "light"....I get nervous going to the corner store without a lip balm in my pocket. :) And I too would much rather do a long journey like that for a spa break or something similar. An amusement park? Oh dear, no thanks. I hope everyone had a good time regardless.

    Ali x

  6. I spy real techniques brushes! Love them! I just take my essentials when travelling - more opportunities to buy more makeup :)


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