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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Vita Coco - Hydrate Naturally

'Hydrate naturally,Never from concentrate,All natural,Bursting with naturally occurring electrolytes, More potassium than a banana (don't tell the monkeys ) potassium, helps keep your body properly hydrated, No fat and cholesterol, Hydrate and feel good feel really good, Gluten and dairy free, No added yeast, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Natural coconut water'
I know this is completely unrelated to my blog but I just wanted to take 5 minutes to talk about 

This was a product that I desperately wanted to love, but just wasn't taken with it at all.  

I have read so many great reviews about how fantastic this product is and feel let down.  I love coconut so assumed I would love this, to say it tasted like drain water is maybe a little harsh, but wasn't to my palette.  I'm not sure, perhaps mine was off. 

I haven't completely written this product off, I will try one of their fruit blends and see if they appeal to me more.  

Have you tried this, what are your thoughts? 

Available at Tesco Stores



  1. i was excatly the same. i love coconut but this just tasted salty not coconuty. weird eh.

  2. I'm allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, and I'm vegan so I was really excited to try it and hated it as well! :( xo


  3. Awww I'm sorry to hear that - I on the other hand LOVE IT! But I would say that it HAS to be chilled, it tastes totally different otherwise. But yeah, I love it and I generally drink one every day :)

  4. There are many brands of coconut water and you'd be surprised at how different they taste from one brand to the next! That is my least favourite! Give the other ones a try!

  5. This is interesting as i've been wanting to try this for so long! Maybe on a hot sunny beach somewhere mixed with a cocktail may make it taste better heh!


  6. I asked someone what this tasted like and they just said "water and coconut" lol I said I kind of gathered that since its coconut water
    Kirsty x


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