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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lid Stuff by Soap and Glory Review

This year, the one brand that I have been completely loving so far is Soap & Glory, I think they are absolutely fantastic.  Up until recently my Soap & Glory education was all down to bathing products, I had no idea they did make up too. Where have I been?  I ask you. . . seriously, I should be embarrassed. 
Lid Stuff is a very neutral palette which is very easy to use during the day and for the last minute vino night with the girls.  

Vanilla is the lightest shade, Pink T is quite like a pinkey brown, Mudhoney is your everyday Brown and Aubersheen in s gorgeous shimmer brown which perfect for taking your look from day into night 

Swatches top to bottom - Aubersheen, Pink T, Vanilla & Mudhoney
To achieve the natural look I want for daily wear I cover my entire lid in vanilla eyeshadow and then I use a blending brush on the crease to mix in the Mudhoney.  
I finish by using a fine brown eyeliner and a brown mascara to finish.   The reason I choose brown is because it works well with my brown eye colour. 

You can buy 'Lid Stuff' by soap in glory from your local Boots for £10.00 and it comes in 3 shades - What's Nude, Smokey Dokey and Off the Wallflowers.  

It is honestly a stunning eyeshadow palette and I cannot wait to try the other shades.  




  1. This looks like the perfect neutral eyes shadow palette!

  2. It looks sooo good! Very pretty! Xxx

  3. Really pretty palette :) Better than MUA?

    1. I feel it is better quality, the shadows feel more substantial if that makes any sense at all.


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