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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gatineau Paris Skin Care Review

Image of Gatineau Paris Skin Care
 '80 years ago Jeanne Gatineau, a renowned beauty therapist, set out to improve the appearance of women's skins.  She formulated a highly sophisticated range of products using pioneering research in collaboration with experience dermatologist and bio-chemists'

Recently I was lucky enough to receive some samples from Gatineau Paris a skin care range I have to admit I was not familiar before.  However, I am really impressed with a couple of the products I got to try.

AquaMemory Moisture Replenish Mask
If you are like me and suffer with dehydrated skin on a regular basis then AquaMemory will change your life.  This light gel mask injects extra moisture into your skin leaving it feeling squeaky clean, firmer and healthy, it is really good at unclogging the pores and leaving you feeling fresh.  Apply a thin layer over the skin, leave it to work for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water, 2-3 times a week.

Age Benefit Anti Age-ing Hand Cream
This product is designed to improve the condition of the skin, whilst helping your hands to look younger.  I have never really thought of my hands ageing yet, however approaching 30 (I know this isn't old before I get into trouble), I am becoming aware of the importance of complete body skin care,  so I thought I would give this ago.  It really did make my hands feel softer and less dry though I did feel that it took a while for the product to absorb into my skin.

I have been using this daily morning and night (when I haven't forgotten) for the last 3 weeks and I do feel a difference in the texture of my skin, my hands are definitely a lot softer.  I suppose I would have to be using it for around 5 years to see if it helps them look younger.. sound like a challenge?

Mélatongénine AOX Probiotics Advanced Rejuvenating Cream
This rejuvenating cream helps reverse the first signs of ageing.  It is full of antioxidants and probiotics which protect the skin on a daily basis.  It is very good for stressed and tired skin.  I found it extremely hydrating and unlike the hand cream not at all greasy, the product absorbs well.  I have been using this as a night cream, but it is actually for daily wear.

Out of the products I received these were my favourites and I am going to keep them in my skin care regime.  My skin feels healthy and the presence of dry patches have definitely disappeared and my skin feels firmer altogether.   You can buy Gatineau products through QVC's skincare range and will find detailed review on all of the Gatineau there regularly.

Have you tried the Gatineau range before? Let me know what you think.


*these were sent to me to sample and my opinions are truthful and my own



  1. Wow they sound amazing! I think I need to give the Replenish Mask a go, as I have horrible dry skin :( xx

    1. It worked really well, im just gutted i don't have a bigger bottle xx

  2. I've never heard of Gatineau before (other than the place) but their products seem really good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This light gel mask injects extra moisture into aura vie your skin leaving it feeling squeaky clean, firmer and healthy,


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