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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Do you know your skin tone?

Do you know your skin tone?

Why do I need to know my skin tone?
Any expert will tell you that it is important to know your skin tone before picking your make up. The reason for this is that it allows you to get the closest match possible to your skin. When choosing foundation for example you want to match it to your skin colour, skin tone and skin type. So you may have tanned skin, with yellow undertones and dry skin – you wouldn’t expect to wear the same foundation as someone with tanned skin, pink undertones and dry skin. Foundation really is that individual and can require a little work before you find the correct one but if you follow some of the tips below you should have your makeup matching your skin tone flawlessly.

How can I figure it out?
Skin tone is all about finding the undertones in your face. If you have never done this before then there are a few tricks that you can try yourself at home but you can also go to your local department store and ask a consultant for help.

First of all think about your genes. Warm toned people tend to tan easily or already have tanned/olive skin and cool toned people tend to be fairer and can therefore burn quite easily in the sun.

Try on clothing at opposite ends of the spectrum, so a red t-shirt and a green t-shirt for example. Which one of them compliments your skin colour the most? A warm toned person will look better in red as earth tones are more flattering on them, where as a cool toned person will look better in the green as emerald colours suit them best. 

Try putting a white piece of cloth near your face and look at your reflection. Does the white of the cloth highlight any colours in your skin? You may find that you appear slightly yellow or slightly pink. If you think it is yellow this suggests that you have warm undertones and if it is pink then you could have cool undertones.

You can also look at your veins for help determining your skin tone. Are they blue or green? Green veins mean a warm skin tone and blue veins means a cool skin tone.

What does it mean?
Now that you have tried the tricks you should be leaning to either a warm or a cool skin tone. If you think you are a warm skin tone this means that you have yellow undertones and will need a warm foundation with a yellow base to match your skin. If you think that you are a cool skin tone you will want to try a foundation with a pink base to match your pink/red undertones. Don’t worry when I say pink and yellow you can hardly notice the tint and once it’s blended onto your skin you won’t see it at all.

For anyone who is still unsure or thinks that they have some cool and some warm toned qualities you could be neutral toned. This means that you are a combination of the two and you can play around with different foundations until you have found one that is right for you. You might find that you need yellow base in some areas of your face and pink in others. You can also pick up correcting powders with pink or yellow tints to go along with your foundation that will help even it out.

Guest post by Ashleigh Sheard
 on behalf of House of Fraser


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