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Friday, 8 March 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Effect Review

I recently received these Barry M 'Textured Nail Effects' as a gift and was excited to try them out.   Textured nail varnishes have been proving very popular in recent months, I also have the Barry M, magnetic finish to try out soon too.  

The Textured Nail Effects nail paints are part of the Barry M Spring collection.  

They come in 4 different gorgeous pastel shades which are each really pigmented and beautiful.

Station Road (yellow), Kingston Road (pink), Ridley Road (green), Atlantic Road (blue) these are all named after the 'famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of South and East London'  I find little details like this so interesting. 

My favourites are the pastel pink and green they are just really pretty next to each other. I am having a lot of fun trying out different combinations of them all.  

Application:- to get the best out of the textured nail varnishes apply one coat of colour and leave to dry for a couple of minutes, then apply a second coat to top the colour up.  If you feel you need to do a third coat by all means do so and don't worry they seem to be quick drying.  

Texture:  Once the nail varnish has dried instead of being left with a smooth shiny finish, you are left with a rough gritty, matted look.  Which is very different to any polish (bar glittery) that i've ever worn before.  I do like this look, but I think it will take a while to get used to it.  I can't stop rubbing my fingers over my nails to feel the texture of them.  

If you look closely you can see the textured effect
The only critique I would have is that you have to be very careful when applying as the varnish seems extremely runny.  

I am very happy with this little set and they are available to buy in the likes of your local Boots and Superdrug for only £3.99.  If you hurry Superdrug are doing a 2 for £6 offer.  

Have you tried these out yet?  I'm also keen to try the new Gelly range after reading some great reviews. 

Barry M Textured Nail effects Picture


  1. Love the pastel green, super pretty!xo

    1. Hi Taylor, thanks for popping by, yes I agree it is stunning!!

  2. Great post & swatches dear. I really want to try this kind of polishes, but i haven't seen any around here yet...need to keep my eyes open.

    1. The Barry M Pastel Shades are the only 'gritty' textured ones i've seen so far. I'm hoping they bring out darker colours in this range too. Perhaps this winter they will. One to watch i reckon xxx

  3. I have the green and the blue colours. I put the green one on tonight, it's definitely something to get used to like you said, but I do really like it! xx

  4. Oh I am loving your photo's! I have the blue and pink one and I really like them, and I was so impressed at how easy they were to remove! xx

  5. I love the colours, but I don't know if I'm a fan of the texture!

    A little bit Unique


  6. I love the look of them but don't know whether it would just feel....wrong..on my nails! ha


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