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Saturday, 23 February 2013

MUA The Artiste Collection - Multi-Use Palette

A fairly new product from MUA is The Artiste Collection - Multi-use Palette.  The MUA palettes are always something special and at a low cost price.  The Artiste Collection is no exception. 

A picture of the MUA Artiste Collection Multi-use palette
A picture of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

A picture of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

The Palette

The Artiste Collection contains 6 generously proportioned eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter.  


A picture of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette
a picture of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette
a picture of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

The merged eyeshadows take on a marbled effect and the pigment is superior.  

Pistachio is a light aqua green colour with a darker aqua marbled through it.  Mocca is creamy by colour and has a purple marbled effect.  Ice is a dark blue with a light blue marbling.  Grape is purple with a blue marbling, Chocolate is brown with a lighter cream marbling and Cookie is a bronze  colour with a pink marbling effect. 

All of the eyeshadows have a delicate shimmer apart from cookie which is a matte.    In my opinion the grape reflects the light the best providing the best shimmery effect but they all have their good qualities.  

Eyeshadow Swatches

swatches of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette
What is your favourite, I love the Pistachio and Grape

Blush, Bronze & Highlight

Blush swatches of MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-use Palette

The blushers are pretty good, Pink Sparkles I'd say is more coral than pink but the colour is gorgeous.  Primrose is also more of a dark peach than a rose colour, but still nice.  You then have your Bronzer - can't really say much about the bronzer it is what it is, would be great for contouring.  Shimmer Kiss is the highlighter and is my favourite out of the four.  The colour is similar to benefit's high beam but in powder form and is particularly nice to use on the brow bone.  


MUA Mini Master Class 'Apply Mocca shade over the entire lid to create a natural, shimmery base.  Define eyes by working Chocolate into the socket area and outer corners for extra wow!!! Finish with swoop of Pink Sparkle for an instant flush of colour'

The Artiste Collection comes in the standard MUA palette packaging which is the rectangular compact with the clear lid which makes viewing the colours easy, it comes with a double ended applicator.  


MUA never let you down when it comes to their eyeshadow palette's they are always good quality and great value for money.  The Artiste Collection is no exception to the rule.  You are given 17g of product for only £6 in Superdrug this is amazing.  

I must admit this is not my favourite palette of the range, I tend to prefer the brown and cream shades and the undressed palette is my personal top, however, the range of colour in this palette will come in handy and it is really fun to play about with.  The highlighter won't last me very long but because it is so cheap i'll have no problem replacing it.  

The only negative i'd have is that the product can be a bit powdery so be aware if you have cream carpets, also I'd like to see better quality applicators but that just comes down to personal preference. 

I'd give this palette a huge 8/10. 

Do you have this in your collection? 



  1. awh, looks so pretty!xo

  2. I have this, and swatched it for my review but haven't even looked at it since. You've inspired me to get this out and play around with it! x

  3. i love mua palettes and this looks really nice! but agreed with the undressed palette being my favourite too!xx

  4. I'm not sure I'd end up using that many eye shadows, but I love the names of them all!!


  5. The colors look really pretty I like the purple shade and Cookie :) the bluses look pretty too not sure if they would show on my skin but they look pretty aswel.

    Thanks for sharing your thought love hope your having a good weekend.

    Leslie xx

    1. I think they would probably be ok on you xx

  6. Really great and informative review. Been swithering over it for ages, but like you said about the highlighter, even if I don't use it all it's still worth the cash. Thanks :)


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